This Week at The Dragon!

WhirlwindThere is a whirlwind of fun at The Dragon this week! Come out and play!

Monday: Monday Night Magic

Tuesday: Pathfinder Card Game, Netrunner LCG, Warmachine / Hordes

Wednesday: D&D Next, D&D Encounters and 13th Age RPGs

Thursday: Outbreak: Undead RPG, MonPoc, Triassic Terror, Salmon Run, Star Wars LCG and Numenera RPG

Friday: FNM & Zombicide: Toxic City Mall

Saturday: Zombicide: Prison Outbreak, Pathfinder RPG, King of Tokyo Tourney, Star Trek: Attack Wing Dominion War Month 2, Marvel HeroClix Fear Itself: Month 5 and Frankenstein

All of the details are on our Event Calendar at

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