My Little Pony CCG: Canterlot Nights

The new My Little Pony CCG Expansion, Canterlot Nights just trotted into The Wandering Dragon!

“Turn your eye toward Canterlot and its royal intrigue, and high society. New friends, dazzling parties, and dangerous troublemakers can all be found in Equestria’s capital and in Canterlot Nights, a new and exciting expansion to the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game.”

Canterlot Nights is the second set for the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game, to be officially released in May of 2014. It contains 204 unique cards, a number of foiled versions of cards and at least five promotional cards. Cards from this set can be identified by the purple shadowy symbol (literally Canterlot at night, against a moon backdrop) seen next to the card number in the bottom right corner.

This set introduces Princess Celestia and Princess Luna as Mane Character cards, in addition to a number of new gameplay mechanics such as Pumped characters, Unique cards and Showdown Events.