The Wandering Dragon Turns Two!

Happy Anniversary Wandering Dragon Family!  Believe it or not, The Dragon turns two on June 30th!  Two years of great games and memorable moments.  Two years of rolling dice and flipping cards.  More importantly, two years of meeting up with old friends and making new ones… and all the while sharing a single passion that we all love.There is no way we could have done this alone, so thanks to everyone who made the climb up a couple flights of stairs, time and time again at the original Dragon; and now through the doors of the place we all fell in love with at first sight. The place we now call home.  The Dragon was able to spread her wings, partly because we had to, but mostly because you helped us.  Quite a leap in two years and we thank you all for being part of this pretty awesome dream. We’re not nearly done yet, so here’s to many, many more years of rolling and flipping, and groaning and shouting; but especially laughing… and sharing what we love… with all of you. We’ll stop being all sappy and let the pictures speak for themselves.  Thanks again everyone!!!