Save The Dragon “UnSale!”


When we started The Wandering Dragon, Laura, Elias and I took a big leap of faith.  We had a dream and tried our best to borrow the funds needed to bring The Dragon to life via the normal routes.  That was a real eye opener and we learned very quickly that if The Dragon was going to happen it was going to take a really, really big leap of faith.  Really big leaps of faith require really tough decisions, so we decided to risk everything we have and borrow against our future to realize this dream.  Less than six months into that dream we received the news that we needed to pack up and find another location.  Just one year ago we took the biggest leap of faith yet and tried something very different from what had been done before.  We are about to find out if it was a good move or if it’s time for The Wandering Dragon to fly off into the sunset.

As some of you already know, The Wandering Dragon has been in need of a really big drink of water.  Yes, The Dragon is pretty old and she needs a little updating so the village of Plainfield has asked us to install a brand new $40,000 sprinkler system.  Over the past few months they have been working with us on a compromise and are allowing us to do the installation in two phases.  The first phase will be to install the actual system this year and then next September, phase two is breaking ground and hooking the system in to the village’s water main.


This gives us a bit of a breather on having to install the entire $40,000 system all at once, but we still need to have the entire installation completed within a year; the first half within the next two weeks.  We are still working to get back on our feet from our initial start-up and the move to a bigger location.  Thanks to all of you, we are still here and headed in the right direction.  With that said, we are just not in a position to tackle the sprinkler system on our own.  Some have suggested Kickstarting this project or running a fundraiser but we are going to try, as we have done since day one, a different approach.  What we are going to do is just come right out and ask for your help.


For one week, we are asking everyone who wants The Wandering Dragon to stay right where she is at to go shopping at… you guessed it, The Wandering Dragon.  We are not going to run a sale or offer discounts.  In fact, your purchases from Saturday, September 6th – Saturday, September 13th will not even accrue Dragon’s Gold.  We’re keeping it simple.  Buy games and have fun.  Leave the sprinkler system to us.

If you were thinking of buying a game in the next week or so, buy two if you can.  If you need to give a gift or can start your holiday shopping early, buy from The Dragon.  If you yourself are in need of a game (and who isn’t?) spread the word and ask someone to buy your love… from The Wandering Dragon.  If you were going to pick up a new game online, stop the madness, and buy three from The Dragon!  Thinking of backing that cool new Kickstarter?  Banish those evil thoughts and help back your FLGS, where the Stretch Goals never end. 😉


Do Friendly Local Game Stores even really matter anymore?  All the games you want can be found cheaper online.  Sometimes you can get them sooner and with all kinds of cool exclusive stuff if you Kickstart a game.  Not only that, but they are delivered right to your door.  Why go out of your way to buy from places like The Wandering Dragon?

That’s the big question, and a question only you can answer.

For us, Laura, Elias and I got into gaming because of what started at a Friendly Local Game Store (Looking at you Dean’s Dugout!).  We met so many friends there and have made many new friends since we opened our own Friendly Local Game Store.

We started The Wandering Dragon because of not only the passion for this hobby, but the community we became part of.  We wanted to create a place that felt like home and build on that community, but maybe The Wandering Dragon isn’t your thing.  We all have that special place we call home.  Maybe it’s Fair Game or Dean’s Dugout, The Game Knight or the grand daddy of them all, Games Plus.  Whatever place is your place, please remember that game stores are few and far between for a reason.  It’s an ongoing, constant struggle to keep the doors open.  No one is getting rich from owning a game store and if you don’t believe me, I can take you for a drive in my rusty Ford Escape. 😉  They are owned and operated by people who love what this community represents and have a passion for gaming and they all face challenges like we are facing now.

If in two weeks we do have to pack up and our dream finally ends, please keep in mind that all Friendly Local Game Stores need your help and support, every single day.  None of them are run by big corporations, just families with dreams and more than likely the only ones they have to turn to, the only ones who understand what hobby gaming really means to all of us, is you.


Well, that’s it.  No flashy specials, no crazy discounts, no gaudy perks; just come on in from Saturday, September 6th – Saturday, September 13th and buy games, and hopefully, buy a few more games on top of that.  The next week will ultimately determine what will happen to The Wandering Dragon.  Will she stay and continue the dream… or just fly away?

Stay Tuned.


  • Will you be open Sunday, Sept 7th? That’s the only day I’m in town…

    • Hi Ares! Thank you for asking and for your interest in helping. It is greatly appreciated! Unfortunately, Sunday is the one day of week that we are closed. We were seriously thinking of opening on Sunday, but after the emotionally and physically exhausting day yesterday we just could not do it. Please do not think that this is in any way a sign of our lack of dedication to The Wandering Dragon and its success. The decision to stay closed on Sunday was a tough one, but since day one we decided as a family that we needed as least one day a week to rest and recharge, and be together as a family. We are at the shoppe, 70-80 hours/six days a week and not complaining at all, but after the wild day yesterday, I doubt we would have been able to make it thirteen days straight. Thanks again!!!

  • It was great to visit again, and shop! It’s always a pleasure, it’s just hard to get out especially with my new job.

    I was wondering if having us put pressure/ call write the city of Plainfield might help at all? I know they’re already letting you do it in two parts, but I was wondering if you think that could help more.

    Also, since you’re improving the shop, this expenditure should go towards the lease to own agreement in my mind- this should be giving you credit with your landlord.

    I made a Geeklist on the Geek about you guys, hopefully that gets the word out too. It’s called Saving a lovely FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) by Dizzy_Drizzit .

    Best of luck!