Dragon Saved!

Not knowing where else to turn, we turned to you. A week ago we asked you to let us know what you really thought of The Wandering Dragon and boy, you let us have it. Not only did you shop but you shared, you donated, you spread the word and more importantly, you went out of your way and even found new ways to save a dream.

All we did was send out a call and you answered. Wow, did you answer.

You could have just sat by and done nothing. You could have chalked The Wandering Dragon off as another game store come and gone, but you didn’t. You showed up in force and you shared what this community means to you in ways we never imagined… and in the process, you saved The Dragon.

The crazy unexpected side effect of what happened this past week is, not only did you save The Dragon, but you made her stronger than she has ever been. The Dragon found out she has extended family. Friends old and new, some that we have never met before, called in and placed orders from all over the country. You posted on Board Game Geek and Reddit. You shared on Facebook. You Tweeted. You told your friends and family. You reached out to Dice Tower News and they featured The Dragon… twice!

More people now know about The Wandering Dragon than ever before.

We didn’t do that… You did.

These last two years, Laura and I have been so intent on keeping the ship straight and on course that we lost track of what was happening around us, but this past week you brought it all back into focus. You shared stories of what this community means to you. Several parents shared inspirational stories about how their children have flourished since they started playing in our RPGs or tournaments. Many friends that you may be gaming with right at this moment first met each other at The Dragon. All reasons why places like The Wandering Dragon do matter.

So now, thanks to you, we get to give The Dragon that drink. The next month or so might bring more challenges with fluctuating hours, last minute changes to scheduled events, etc. but please hang in there and we will tackle all of this once again, together. Please keep an eye on Facebook and Meetup for any changes to our hours or events.

Laura, Elias and I cannot begin to tell you how grateful we are for the outpouring of love, good will and support you have shown us during all of this. Things were looking pretty bleak for The Dragon’s future, but you turned it all around in just one week. You saved The Dragon and thanks to all of you, she is stronger than ever.

Its A Wonderful Life

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  • I’m so glad this has worked out. You have a unique site and a very loyal customer and fan base. Long live the Dragon!