The Ultimate Board Game presents Manuscripts: The Quest for Knowledge

Come on out to The Wandering Dragon on Saturday, December 20th to meet local game designer James Wesley and play his new board Game, Manuscripts: The Quest for Knowledge! 

That’s right you can play this fantastic new board game with the creator himself and then get your personally signed copy at The Wandering Dragon!

This unique board game requires intense strategy and offers infinite variety.

Each player leads a search party into a castle room (the board) to find their stolen Manuscript and jewel.

Each search party has a Warrior (fast and strong), a Wizard who uses powerful spell cards, and a Princess who must be protected at all costs.

Your primary objective is to escort your Princess to the Manuscript and get her off the board alive.  Your secondary objective is to collect as many jewels as possible.  You will fight new monsters in each board and occasionally other search parties.

Starter Pack includes:

2 unique solid carved wood castle boards

2 search party teams painted bronze and green consisting of pewter wizards, princesses, and warriors

7 painted pewter monsters

Set of player cardsScore boards to record a player’s score

9 color coded dice

3 manuscript books

7 jewels

Quick start map for two player castle boards Players’ manual