Incredible Expeditions: Quest for Atlantis is now at The Wandering Dragon!

Explore the secrets that lurk in the strange corners of the world!


Incredible Expeditions combines deck-building mechanics with exploration and resource management to create a game that ends gloriously, whether your Expedition succeeds or goes down in flames. Help or hinder other players by Acquiring and playing cards on them. Create new challenges with different Locations laid in one of a multitude of different patterns each time you play.

Beginning at the Port City location, each Expedition Leader (player character) equips their unique ship with the Crew and Resource cards they’ll need to make their way to the Drowned City of Atlantis.

 As each new Location is discovered, Encounter cards are drawn to reveal challenges the Expedition Leaders must defeat using the skill of their Crew and their Resource cards at hand.

Encounters that prove too harrowing will leave your crew weakened, or worse, Cursed! The expedition only moves on once a Location’s Encounters have been defeated.


 Race against each other to be the first to uncover the secrets of the last Location, the Drowned City of Atlantis, or band together to use your combined strength to face down Lovecraftian horrors and test your mettle against the hazards of expedition. Basic play is competitive, while single-player and cooperative play modes endure a more challenging voyage.


Incredible Expeditions: Quest for Atlantis is available now at The Wandering Dragon!