Super Show Demo

Supershow Demo

Come on out to The Wandering Dragon on Thursday, June 4th to play the Brand New Tabletop Dice and Card Wrestling Game, Super Show! 

$5.00 Entry Fee can be used towards the purchase of Supershow!

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Supershow is a tabletop dice and card game for 2 – 6 players. Supershow is the worlds first UCG, or unpredictable card game that takes place in the underground wrestling word of the Legendary Fighting Federation. The goal of the game is to hit your FINISH card for a chance to defeat your opponent.

When competing in the Legendary Fighting Federation competitors use the Lead – Follow up – Finish game engine, which makes the game easy to pick up by impossible to put down.

The LFF Engine is simple, on a players turn; they may play 1 card, that card can be; a FINISH card if they have a FOLLOW UP in play. A FOLLOW UP card if they have a LEAD in play. Or they may play a LEAD card. After each card is played, all players roll their Skill dice; the player who rolled the highest Skill draws a card and starts his turn. When a FINISH card is played a player has a chance to defeat his opponent with a dice roll, if he does not all cards in play are discarded, the Crowd Meter is raised to the next level and the game continues. The Crowd Meter increased the effectiveness of the FINISH cards as the game progresses.

When a FINISH card is played, a player attempts to PIN or SUBMIT his opponent with a FINISH ROLL. They roll their Skill dice to decide the FINISH ROLL. Their opponent has 3 dice rolls, called BREAKOUT ROLLS, to beat or tie the FINISH ROLL. This simulates beating the referees 3 count, or grabbing the ropes before the lifeless arm falls for the 3 time.

The Skill dice correlates with the Skill chart on the Competitor card you have selected. Each Competitor has a Gimmick, a unique effect that affects the game play, and 3 Finish cards. The 3 Finish cards are added to your Supershow Deck at the start of the game, and are also unique to that competitor.

Currently there are 7 playable competitors, each with their own unique backstory and interaction in the game. Additional characters can be won at our events, downloaded for free off our website, are handed out at live shows, or can purchased which each new set.
Each deck in The Supershow is comprised of 30 cards and 1 Competitor card that have a Skill chart. These pre-constructed 30 cards are 15 Lead cards, 12 Follow Up cards, and 3 Finish cards. Your Finish cards are unique to your Competitor. These cards can be different colors, making them Strikes, Grapples, or Submissions. Your Strikes, Grapples, and Submissions can become harder or easier to stop depending on your Skill chart and the Skill chart of your opponent.
Stop cards can be used to stop your opponent’s moves.

The Supershow also has mechanics that for multiplayer formats, triple threat, four way, 2-4 player tag team, tornado tag team, each format can be elimination style, or first to Finish. This is on top of different match types that are played with no additional purchases, such as escape the cage or submission match.