Star Wars: Age of Rebellion RPG: Osta System Campaign Starts on Monday, June 8th!

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion RPG: Osta System Campaign Part 1


New Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Campaign starting on Monday, June 8th for players of all skill levels. Whether you are new to FFG’s Star Wars RPG System or have been playing for years, your Monday Nights will never be the same. 

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In the wake of the destruction of the first Death Star, many systems threw in their support of the Rebel Alliance. While the Empire remained strong and in control of much of the galaxy, the rebels now had the resources, manpower, support, and the momentum to wage a full scale war. The Galactic Civil War was in full swing. 

Riding this momentum, a sizeable rebel cell set to claim the Osta system, a location in the outer rim with many untapped resources and a light imperial presence. In order to conquer the system for the Alliance, the Rebels would have to rally the support of the planets in this system and gain more resources to fight with. The first target was the furthest populated planet of Arssa Prime. 

The initial assault was let by Rebel Commander Yomund Ido who led the rebels against an imperial stronghold on Arssa. The assault was a success and the city and stronghold were captured by the Rebel Forces. With a foothold obtained, it was time to build up for the rest of the campaign. 
Arssa Prime, however, was a neglected colony world, many of the inhabitants had to resort to black market trades just to survive. Many criminals came to Arssa to extort it’s people and take advantage of the Imperial neglect. A world ruled by criminals is no place for colonists to thrive. It is time these people received proper support. It is time the Alliance step in and show what it can do for the galaxy.

In this campaign you play the role of new recruits to the Rebel Alliance sent to the Osta system to aid rebel forces there in building their presence in the system. In part 1, Duty is the main focus and you will be mostly fighting pirates, criminal thugs, bandits, and so on.

This campaign will feature uses for every Age of Rebellion Career, so it is a good idea to leave nothing out or you may find it hard to get the best results out of all encounters. Also when building your characters, you should include a rank in piloting and gunnery as I might introduce you into starfighter skirmishes from time to time.

The goal of this campaign is to chase your duties wherever you can and free the planet of Arssa Prime from its troubles. Once order has been brought to Arssa we move on to the next part of the campaign.