Hero’s Journey Home

You have just completed a magnificent quest, sure to bring you fame and fortune…eventually. First, you must find your way back home.

But beware!

Treacherous creatures seek to block your path.

The hot new high adventure dice & card game, Hero’s Journey Home, is now available at The Wandering Dragon!

Hero’s Journey Home is a fantasy card and dice game that begins at the end of a great quest. Your adventurers have defeated a terrible enemy and claimed a magical prize, but now they must make the arduous journey back home. Strange and deadly monsters know the adventurers are weak and in possession of a powerful item, and they will pursue them until all have been defeated.

The setup is pretty simple:

1. Choose a quest to have completed; pick up the quest item.
2. Choose your adventurers.
3. If you have a spellcaster (and you should have at least one), choose their spells.
4. Split the Journey deck in two, shuffle both halves and stick the Home card in the bottom half.

Playing is even simpler:

1. Flip Journey cards and resolve the actions.
2. The game ends when either the Home card is drawn or all adventurers have been killed.

The gameplay requires you to manage your resources (adventurers, items, spells, and money) with an eye towards a long-term goal (home) in the face of short-term obstacles (monsters and other unfriendly cards). Every choice you make at every stage of the game will help decide if you make it home.

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