• Came tonight to play AAOU clix – store was closed. Event system lists 8/1. 🙁

    • Hi Larry,

      I checked WES and I do see the event incorrectly listed as 8/1. I’m not sure how this happens but sometimes the event dates and times automatically change due to a systems glitch in WES. For this reason, in our WES event, we also include a link to our Meetup event listing and ask everyone to RSVP on Meetup so they have the most up to date event information. I apologize for the confusion this has caused and I hope you can make it out this Saturday, 8/8 for the AAOU #3. Also, I know it does not help you now but for future reference, we always post our store closings on our Website, Facebook and Meetup. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.

      Thank you,