Thunderbirds Co-op Adventure Game, Survive: Space Attack, Red Dragon Inn 5: The Character Trove, Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition, Sea Kings, Minecraft Card Game and Dragon’s Ransom

Thunderbirds Co-op Adventure Game

Designed by Matt Leacock (Pandemic, Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert). Join International Rescue: a secret organization committed to saving human life with a host of technologically advanced land-, sea-, air-, and space-rescue vehicles and equipment ready to launch at a moment’s notice. Racing to the rescue from a secret island base beneath the luxurious home of the Tracy family somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean, International Rescue defies government spies and criminals who want the secrets of their incredible machines for their own.

To combat this threat, Lady Penelope, the Thunderbirds’ aristocratic English secret agent, and her chauffeur Parker lead a network of agents to uncover those behind the disasters caused by deliberate sabotage. A criminal mastermind known as “the Hood”, operating from a temple deep in the Malaysian jungle and in possession of strange powers, often engineers events to allow him to spy on the Thunderbird machines with the goal of selling their secrets to the highest bidder. Players will work together using Thunderbirds characters and vehicles to complete rescue missions and save the day.

Survive: Space Attack!

Welcome to the height of technology and comfort, the Space Station Atlantis! All the comfort of a five star hotel, mixed with the adventure of space travel. The station is filled with staff, entertainers and guests trying to enjoy their out-of-this-world vacation. But all of a sudden, the Atlantis comes under attack by aliens!

After getting the guests to safety, the crew rushes to escape. Some will find space on the limited escape pods, others will board fighters and attempt to destroy the aliens. The unlucky ones will have to trust in their space suits and float for it. But with the alien Warriors, Spawns, and Queens patrolling the space around the station, it will not be an easy trip!

Who will be able to jump to safety?

Survive: Space Attack! utilizes similar base mechanics to the best-selling game Survive: Escape From Atlantis! designed by Julian Courtland-Smith. However, Survive: Space Attack! has been reimagined and redesigned by Brian, Sydney, and Geoff Englestein, the designers of Space Cadets and Space Cadets: Dice Duel and the expansions for these games.

The additional features of the new Survive: Space Attack! include:

– Double-sided Game Board: enables a variety of starting setups each with its own challenges.
– New Fighter Ships: gives players the ability to capture and redeploy alien creatures.
– Laser Turrets: a new weapon system to defend the space station against the aliens.
– New Tile Abilities: new powers that are combinable, plus four different tile thicknesses for a 3-D look.
– New Alien Creature Powers: alien creatures may evolve to become even more powerful.


Red Dragon Inn 5: The Character Trove

You and your increasingly mighty party of adventuring companions have spent all day slogging through the dungeon, killing monsters and taking their stuff. Now you’re back in town, healed up, cleaned up, and ready to party at the Red Dragon Inn. Drink, gamble, and roughhouse with your friends. But don’t forget to keep an eye on your gold. If you run out, you’ll have to spend the night in the stables. Oh… and try not to get too beaten up or too drunk. If you black out, your friends will continue the party without you… after they loot your body for gold, of course! The last conscious adventurer with gold wins the game! This is a standalone game for 2-4 players that also expands on “The Red Dragon Inn” family of box sets and single-character expansions. You can mix and match characters from any of these sets, letting you build the party composition of your choice!

The Red Dragon Inn 5: The Character Trove is also a massive storage solution for all previous sets (with room for more). You get a massive storage box plus dividers, new play mats for all previously released characters, updated tokens and more!


Three New Red Dragon Inn Character Expansions!

Red Dragon Inn Allies: Wrench

A finger of surprising talent. Unfortunately he usually stops paying attention to his runaway gizmos after he’s done making them!

 Red Dragon Inn Allies: Zariah the Summoner

 Ready to summon her allies to her side, Zariah makes sure every party is a team effort!


Red Dragon Inn Allies: Halden

Halden the Unhinged- His totems would like to remind you that he isn’t making up the voices in head.


Roll For The Galaxy: Ambition Expansion


Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition includes new factions, new dice, new tiles, and more for Roll for the Galaxy.

As the invention of Jumpdrive spreads through the galaxy, new factions arise. Charismatic leaders and entrepreneurs vie to complete objectives and recruit the best minds. Can you expand your faction into the most successful galactic empire?

Ambition is the first expansion to Roll for the Galaxy. It adds new factions, home worlds, and game tiles, two new dice types, and optional objectives to the base game. Newer players should play without objectives for their first few games.


Sea Kings


Land, Wealth and Fame.

This is what inspired Vikings to travel far from home. Fighting dangerous seas, foes and each other. They would go anywhere, anytime and in any weather.

The Viking leaders of these expeditions were called Sea Kings because of their skills in traveling uncharted waters to destinations few knew. And they wanted to be King, back in their home lands. To fulfill their ambitions, they raided, traded, and settled far away lands to attract followers in their quest to become King. And some succeeded.


You are one of the Viking leaders seeking fortune in the unknown with your long boat and crew. Do you have what it takes to be a great Sea King by making new discoveries, settling hostile lands, crafty trading, and raiding with the fierceness of a Norseman? If so, seek the throne and make it yours.


Dragon’s Ransom

Hark! Another hero approaches. Prepare the minions. Get them in line. The dragon’s ransom must never be claimed!

In Dragon’s Ransom, you take on the role of Master of the Dungeon, sending waves of minions towards ill-prepared heroes. Link minions to create devastating combos, but beware- the heroes may be fools but they will fight back.

Dragon’s Ransom is a reverse dungeon crawl solitaire & co-operative card game for 1 – 4 players. On your turn you will draw cards from the minion deck and play minions and traps against the heroes that oppose you. Once they’re built up, play Attack! cards to send your chains rushing forward to attack the heroes. Spend too much time building the chains and the heroes will strike back, breaking apart your ranks. Defeat all the heroes to win or exhaust your minion supply to suffer defeat.

Dragon’s Ransom is a primarily solitaire game with official rules and components for multiplayer up to 4.


Minecraft Card Game


The fun keeps building with the Minecraft Card Game! Based on the hit video game, players have the opportunity to mine, craft or reserve to win. Players “mine” Resource Cards of Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamond, or Gold and then use those cards to “craft” Craft Cards for points.


If you desire a certain Craft Card, but are currently unable to pay for it, you may put the car in Reserve to retrieve later. Craft Cards can become Tools with special powers you can you can use in your favor to control the game play-but watch out! TNT and Creeper cards are hiding in the deck for unexpected upsets. The player who reaches the game point goal first, wins!