BattleLoreAthon at The Dragon on April 16th!

BattleLoreAthon! (Rules will be taught)

Come on out on Saturday, April 16th for The Wandering Dragon’s BattleLoreAthon Tournament! Prizes will be in the form of Wandering Dragon Gift Cards!

“Gather, brothers. Drink. This is the heart’s blood of our enemy, the pathetic lords of Daqan. We came upon three of their scouts as we ranged ahead, surprised them, and cut their throats. They were as blind as infants and as slow as old men. If this is all that stands between us and the Citadel, then we will be feasting in the streets of their cities before the first snow falls.” 

    –Hartuk the Horned, Uthuk Y’llan Chieftain

Set in the vibrant fantasy realm of Terrinoth, BattleLore Second Edition is a board game of intense, squad-based warfare for two players. The game pits the strength and military intelligence of the noble Daqan Lords against the bloodthirsty brutality of the Chaos-worshipping Uthuk Y’llan. In this game of tactical prowess, you will vie for the upper hand, collecting victory points both by securing vital objectives and by dominating your opponent on the field of battle. Through clever utilization of the battlefield and the power of lore one player will triumph in the end. Prepare to go to war!

BattleLore Tournament Rules

The tournament will use a Swiss format with a number of preliminary rounds based on the number of participants and available time.  Each round will consist of a single Battlelore game between two players.
After the preliminary rounds, the top 2 scoring players will play a single Battlelore game to determine the winner of the tournament.  Additional players can be added to the finals at the discretion of the tournament referee based upon the number of participants and available time.

Army Muster

Each player will muster two armies prior to the tournament.  Each army will consist of the following:

1.) Units, terrain, and lore totaling 50 points (as in a normal game).  All FFG published units and terrain are legal.  There are numerous pre-constructed armies available for each race in their respective sets to facilitate this for newer players.

2.) Neutral units are not mustered using the rules described on pg. 1 of their respective expansions.  Each player is allowed to muster a single neutral unit for each of their two armies as they would a unit of their faction.  This unit may be different for each of the two armies.

3.) Lore decks may be customized according to the rules found in the FFG expansions for each race and/or neutral unit. Players may have a different deck for each of their two armies.

4.) Scenario cards are not drawn at random as noted on pg. 15 of the Battlelore rulebook.  Instead, each player will select 3 different scenario cards from those allowed to their faction.  Each of the player’s armies will have a different set of three cards.

Game Setup

The Game Setup rules from pg. 14-15 of the Battlelore rulebook are used with two notable exceptions:
1.) Step 2 Choose Faction: The player with the lowest ranking will select and announce one of their two armies to play.  The opposing player will then select and announce a different army from amongst those they mustered.  This will ensure that each game is between two different armies.  If two players have tied rankings, randomly determine who gets to select their army first.

2.) Step 7 Draw, Reveal, and Resolve Scenario Cards: Each player will randomly select one of their three Scenario cards chosen during Army Muster.  They are revealed simultaneously and resolved.

Game Play and Scoring

Each game is played as normal with victory occurring at 16 points.  Be sure to keep track of the point total for the losing side as this will be used for tie-breakers in ranking and advancement throughout the tournament.  The winning side scores 16 points for this purpose.

Tournament Pairing

After each round, players will be ranked in order of wins with ties being broken by their
respective point totals as noted above.  Pairings for each game will then be made from top to
bottom with an unmatched player receiving a bye.  If a bye is given, that player receives a
victory with 16 points.

BattleLore Rules