The Wandering Dragon’s 4 Year Anniversary Sale!

Okay, funny story…  So we started moving things around to make room for another new line we’re bringing in which turned into, maybe we better count this stuff first so we started  doing inventory and then realized The Dragon’s 4th Anniversary was coming up and long story, short… we’re having a  Happy 4th Anniversary Wandering Dragon Sale!

Everything at The Dragon from now through Saturday, June 25th is on Sale!

Games Workshop is on Sale! Magic the Gathering is on Sale! FFG is on Sale! WizKids is on Sale! Paints and Accessories are on Sale! Miniatures are on Sale! Sleeves are on Sale! RPGs are on Sale!

What’s that?  Yes… everything is on sale!

Also, stay tuned… We have lots of exciting changes planned for the upcoming year.

Happy Anniversary Wandering Dragon and thank you for four great years everyone!