Escape Room now Open!

Escape The Wizard’s Chamber

Book your adventure today!


Welcome courageous adventurers, and congratulations on completing the first task! Only the bravest embark on quests to test one’s skill and capacity..

The Wandering Dragon is excited to announce the grand opening of Escape the Wizard’s Chamber, a 60 minute escape room adventure!

What is an escape room?

An escape room is a fun, challenging, live, interactive puzzle game. You are “locked” in a room designed with specific clues that will lead you to the objectives to win the game.  With only 60 minutes to play, teams of 3-6 must work together, communicate, and use their problem-solving skills to “escape” before time is up.

Are you ready for a challenge?

Thursday Nights at 6:00pm and 7:30pm

Friday Nights at 6:00pm, 7:30pm and 9:00pm

Saturdays at 12:00pm, 1:30pm, 3:00pm, 4:30pm, 6:00pm, 7:30pm and 9:00pm

Book your adventure today!

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