Dragon OPS: Zombicide Black Plague

Dragon OPS: Zombicide Black Plague

The Wandering Dragon’s Dragon OPS: Zombicide Black Plague program is a new take on Organized Play! This four week, three mission campaign allows players to just come out, play a great game… and receive exclusive, rare Promo Items!

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Entry Fee: $6.00 each week


Week 1:  Each player will receive four custom Iron-Colored Dice!

Week 2:  Each player will receive a pack of Base Counters!

Week 3:  Each player will receive an exclusive Bruce Miniature with ID Card!

Week 4: This week will be a make up week for anyone that could not attend one of the previous weeks. On this week we will hold a drawing for the Special Nightmare Scenarios Campaign! The Leaflet provides special instructions for running the three unique scenarios.

You don’t have to win. Just have fun!