Moonrakers: Titan Gold Edition, Shogun No Katana Deluxe, League of Dungeoneers Deluxe, Veiled Fate, Dogfight and More!

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Shogun No Katana Deluxe Edition

Feudal Japan, land of mystery, tradition, honor and sharp steel! The katanas have always been fundamental for the outcome of the battles that have elected or overthrown the noble and powerful families that dominate the different regions. But behind these beautiful masterpieces, lies a millenary art made of technique,discipline and sweat poured into the most ancient forges scattered around Japan. The smiths masters, keepers of ancient secrets, have the fate of entire families and the history of their country in their hands. Now it’s up to you, you have been called to carry on this ancient tradition. Will you beable to offer your masterpieces to the most powerful Daimyo in Japan and even tothe Shogun himself?

Shogun no Katana is a strategic Eurogame that will transport you to the magical atmosphere of feudal Japan. Use your workers to choose which swords to make, among those requested by the powerful local Daimyo. Collect resources to improve your craft, and request your artists to create breathtaking decorations. Have your family members admitted to the most strategic rooms of the Shogun’s palace to obtain the privileges of their rank. And finally, create the most beautiful SHOGUN NO KATANA!

You will have to manage your Forge wisely, as crafting Katanas will be the real beating heart of the game. The original and innovative sword-making mechanism allows you to activate an entire row or column to work on different Katanas at the same time. Each player has its own forge where all the katana crafting will take place.

During the game you will obtain resources, either by visiting the market, the palace among other places. By activating a row or column you can add resources to all matching Katanas, moving them accordingly on the grid. But be careful! Having a lot of Katanas on the grid means that you can accomplish more with fewer actions, but it also increases the risk of them hindering each other. You will have to build your engine cleverly to maximize your turns.

Limited Deluxe Edition Includes:

Wandering Characters: 7 Wandering characters miniatures with new rules, tiles and tokens!

Geisha and Unsuiso (Monk): 2 extra Wandering Characters with tokens and bowls. Each of them can be inserted in the Wandering Characters Expansion’s Tray!

96 Metal Coins

Lion Statue Miniature (First Player token)

Deluxe Resource Holder

Metal Katana

Promo Academy Tiles

League of Dungeoneers Deluxe Edition

League of Dungeoneers (LoD) is a detailed Dungeon Crawl and party management game. The game is designed to be a solo/coop game but could be played with a game master as well. The main task of the game is to develop your characters both by gaining experience but also by finding gold, equipment, magic and legendary items that can help you in your quest. The game is set in its own fantasy universe, containing many of the races and monsters that you would expect from a classical fantasy setting. You could either run the campaign supplied with the game or run any of the 22 single quests.

All dungeons are procedurally generated, and all monsters and treasures are randomized making the quests different every time you play them. There is however a theme for each quest you embark upon so don’t expect to find a goblin among the undead in a crypt. There are more than 50 different room and corridor tiles, each with details about furniture and 5 different large seized objective rooms. All rooms have different furniture and a chest is likely to contain gold or magic items, where for instance a bookshelf is more likely to contain magical scrolls.

Party morale and sanity are two important factors to monitor in the game. Meeting fearsome monsters and springing deadly traps will take its toll on the mental state of your heroes and too much strain will give your heroes unwanted disorders such as claustrophobia, arachnophobia or stress syndromes. This will make them less effective and maybe even a liability for the rest of the party. To remedy this, you will need to rest in between quests. If you can’t afford to rest due to lack of funds, maybe that stressed out Dwarf will have to stay behind during the next quest, forcing you to solve the task with a skeleton crew.

Characters are designed around several stats such as strength and dexterity but also around skills such as Pick lock or Heal. Depending on their profession the heroes will excel in some of these, while being quite useless in other. Through levelling, you will also unlock talents which will boost certain areas of your character and perks which are powerful boosts that can be used a limited number of times. There are more than 100 talents and perks in the game. As your heroes levels up, the monsters they meet will be tougher as well.

Combat is an essential part of the game and is designed to promote movement and prevent those bogged down battles of attrition. With several types of attacks available, both for monsters and heroes, combat becomes more flexible and less of a chore. Add to this the decision if you should evoke that special perk that could change the outcome of the battle or save it to the next.

Finally, each dungeon has a threat level. This will increase as the Dungeoneers make their way through he dungeon. Making noises such as bashing down a door, or maybe screaming because of your stress syndrome, is a bad idea. This will increase the threat level, which in turn increases the chances of something bad happening. Maybe you will trigger a wandering group of monsters or set of a trap? It can also give the monsters unexpected boosts during combat.

I’ve have received some question and I thought I would make some clarifications:

Complexity: Medium+ I would say. There is quite a lot of information defining each character which of course makes things more complex. However, the actual gameplay is pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it. A gaming session can easily be paused by just taking a picture of the setup.

What miniatures can I use?: You can use tokens, standees or any other miniatures you have. The tiles are supplied with miniatures about 28mm with a 25mm base in mind but can of course be scaled to any scale you want to.

How many different kinds of monsters are there?: A little more than 80. Some of these are variants, such as Orc, Orc brute and Orc berserker for instance. There are also several special characters that you will face during the quests not included in this list.

Can I use other tiles or a 3D-printed dungeon with this game?: Yes! This is a simple matter of making your own rooms and corridors table. There is even a template for this in the files section.

This game does not focus on stream lining, but rather on creating a detailed dungeon crawler experience. It will require more on the behalf of the player than some of the more modern designs, but for me it’s the perfect level of detail.

Exclusive Deluxe Edition Includes:

  • League of Dungeoneers Core Game
  • Sleeves
  • Companions compendium and cards
  • League of Dungeoneers dice bag
  • Standees and holders
  • Spells and Prayer cards
  • League of Dungeoneers dice tray
  • Character sheet pad
  • 3D doors
  • Metal coins
  • Scenario sheet pad
  • Ancient lands expansion
  • Neoprene World Map
  • All stretch goals

Moonrakers: LE Titan Gold Foil Edition Expansion

The Titan big box includes the content from Moonrakers  expansions Binding Ties, Overload and Nomad as well as the Holographic Upgrade Pack! (Base Game Available Separately)

Moonrakers: Binding Ties Expansion

As the UA consolidates power in the surrounding planet clusters, the Moonrakers have finally begun to rise above their petty conflicts and unite under one banner.

In the Binding Ties Expansion, players will gain additional rewards from allying with each other as they gain Faction Reputation with the great houses that each player represents.

Each player has a new Faction Reputation Terminal on which they track their relationship with the various factions, gaining Reputation when they complete a Contract with a great houses’ champion, or losing it if they fail.

The Reputation can mean the difference between completing a Contract or failing, as it can be spent for various rewards like gaining cards or actions, but if carefully saved throughout the game it can even mean gaining additional Prestige.

Moonrakers: Overload Expansion

As the Moonrakers’ influence and population grew, so did the opposition from the Utopian Alliance. Backed into a corner, the Moonrakers entered a new wave of technological advancements. At the center of this innovation was the creation of the IOspheres: a powerful, albeit unstable, energy source that powered a new fleet of ship parts.

Armed with these advancements, the Moonrakers are once again emboldened to explore, defend, and even push back into UA territory.

The Overload adds new Advanced Action Cards, Contract types, and tokens called IOspheres. Overload also doubles the number of Ship Parts and Crew in the game. Players can discover new synergies and advanced mechanics, allowing them to gain more control of their deck composition.

Moonrakers: Nomad Expansion

The Moonraker’s five factions have continued to grow roots throughout the system: establishing defenses, trade networks, and even a loose intergovernmental organization simply called the Council.

The Nomad expansion adds global events, overhauls the Contract system,and adds new prototype Ship Parts to the game.

Each turn a new Event card is revealed. These events can provide challenges, rewards, or even allow players to vote on policies that change the rules.

Each Moonrakers faction operates out of their own sector and offers Contracts that align with its goals. Players travel between these sectors to find Contracts that fit their strengths.

This edition of the Titan Box is limited and all components are pre-packaged in the Titan Box. Expansion boxes are not included.

Content included:

  • KS Exclusive Gold Foil Titan Box
  • Binding Ties Expansion
  • Overload Expansion
  • Nomad Expansion
  • Game Trayz Custom Insert
  • Holographic Upgrade Pack

Veiled Fate

Play as a divine being who has sired a demigod in the realm of humankind. The identity of your lineage is known only to you. Use positional play to complete quests—and influence fate to ensure the outcome is in your favor. Strike the perfect balance of misdirection and mischief to capture the throne.

There are 9 Demigods. At the beginning of the game, each player is secretly assigned one Demigod as their offspring. When the game begins, however, players may control the actions of any Demigod, not just their own. Through strategic play, special powers, and secret voting, players must aid their Demigod in gaining Renown. But be careful! Giving away your lineage too soon may cause the other players to work together toward your Demigod’s demise.

On their turn, players will have 2 actions with which to send Demigods on quests. Each Quest can result in 2 different ways, which the gods influence with secret voting cards called Fate Cards. When a Quest is completed, the Fate cards are revealed and the winning side of the card is resolved, giving some Demigods Renown and taking it from others. A player wins if their Demigod has the most Renown at the end of 3 rounds called ages, and that Demigod becomes the heir to the throne.

Part social deduction, part strategy, Veiled Fate pits wit against wit. Every move is a new clue to discovering the true lineage of your opponents. Can you foil carefully laid plans, while cementing your own path to victory?

HeroQuest: The Mage of the Mirror

In this The Mage of the Mirror expansion to the HeroQuest adventure, you’re challenged to confront the diabolical archmage Sinestra and save the kidnapped Princess Millandriell! As a courageous Elf, will you survive the perilous solo quests to prove your strength and valor? You must recover a legendary sword, free two of the Queen’s attendants, and navigate safely through a treacherous maze. Only then will your fellow heroes join you to pass through the mirror to the Realm of Reflection and try to free the princess. Immerse yourself in the fantasy with 10 daring quests, stunning artwork, 33 detailed miniatures, and full-color tiles. (Requires HeroQuest Game System to play. Sold separately.) This game has limitless replayability, and you can also create your own quests and stories. Gather friends together for an exciting night of tabletop gameplay in an epic battle of good and evil.


Dogfight! is the latest game to join the acclaimed Blitzkrieg line of 20-minute games.

In Dogfight! two rival aviators of the First World War duel each other with Biplanes across the sky. To defeat your enemy, you must maneuver yourself to get behind them and shoot at exactly the right moment!

Dogfight! is played over a maximum of three rounds or until one of the Biplanes has been shot down. If a Biplane is shot down, the game ends immediately and the surviving player is declared the winner! If the third round ends and neither Biplane has been shot down, the player who has taken fewer hits is the winner.

Both players choose a tile to play from behind their player screens and simultaneously reveal them. Each player then moves their Biplane the number of spaces equal to the value of the tile played, which may also have “hit” icons. The game features nine Biplanes, and they have different tile distributions. Several scenarios are also included.

The Biplanes must follow the direction of the arrows around the white path (except when Looping the Loop). Each circle counts as one space and the colors on some spaces affect shooting. Biplanes may move past one another and even finish in the same space, but be careful — one wrong move and your enemy will loop behind you and blast away!

Stranger Things: Upside Down

The town of Hawkins is under siege from the Upside Down!

Hawkins, Indiana seems like an average town. However, underneath the exterior lurks a secret. The Hawkins National Laboratory has been doing experiments that have unleashed the horrors of the Upside Down. It’s up to the kids in the town to save it.

In Stranger Things: Upside Down, players take on the role of the kids of Hawkins who are trying to stop the operatives of the Hawkins National Laboratory and the evils from the Upside Down. Players must work together to clear stacks of tokens before time runs out. The game offers 2 seasons of play.

EXIT Kids: Jungle of Riddles

You can hardly believe your luck! First, you discovered a previously unknown island. And now, deep in the jungle, you have found nine mysterious treasure chests! But this is no ordinary island — you have landed on the island of riddles, where the jungle animals are guarding the treasures. You must solve their tricky puzzles before you can open the chests. What are you waiting for? Crack the riddles together and win the treasure!

A riddle adventure in the jungle! Working together or by themselves, children ages six and up can solve various riddles to open mysterious treasure chests. In each round, six different types of puzzles, which are shown on 36 illustrated, large-format cards, are combined in new ways. Thus, the game is replayable, offering a new gaming experience in each round. A playful introduction to get young players started in the EXIT: The Game series.


Transform into a dandelion to float on a gentle breeze and plant your seeds in beautiful gardens. Roll your eleven dice and plan your movements. Landin the best gardens, blow your opponent’s seeds out of your way, and try to have the most seeds in each garden. The multiple scoring systems will give you lots to think about.


Fiction is a Worlde-inspired game of deception. One player is the Lie-brarian and chooses a secret word from a classic work of literature. The other players will, as a team, use logic to deduce the secret word as quickly as possible. They have 10 guesses and two 10 minute time periods to deduce the secret word, but the Lie-brarians clues will always contain exactly one lie.

Birds of a Feather: Western North America

Grab your binoculars and your birding journal because it’s time to hit the trails and see some birds. Choose a habitat each round to visit along the western coast of North America, and see what rare birds you can find. Don’t forget to keep an eye on what your fellow birders are tracking down — they might just lead you to the bird that finishes your watch list and earns you extra points! Who will outsmart their opponents, spot the most birds, and be the best birder?

In Birds of a Feather: Western North America, you and the other players explore different habitats to spot birds. In the first round, each player chooses and reveals a card from hand, then marks off on their score sheet or the app the bird they played as well as all other birds played in the same habitat. The deck contains cards from five habitats, with some birds being more common than others. In the second round, you each play a card again, then you mark all birds in your current habitat as well as all cards played the previous round in that habitat. Apparently word spread about all the great finds! Remove all cards from the first round, then keep playing additional rounds in the same manner.

When each player has only one card left in hand, the game ends. For each ace bird you’ve seen in a habitat, you score 2 points; for each other non-common bird you’ve seen, score 1 point; and if you’ve seen all seven types of birds in a habitat, score 3 bonus points for a total of 10 points in that habitat. Whoever has the most total points wins.

Birds of a Feather: Western North America differs from Birds of Feather thanks to new graphic design and improved rules for two- and three-player games to make them more strategic.

Tragedy Looper: New Tragedies

The original Tragedy Looper is a modern classic with its innovative approach to deduction and storytelling. It was originally published in Japan by BakaFire with an English edition following a few years later from Z-Man Games. While the English edition only had two expansions, BakaFire continued publishing more and more content for this fantastic game.

Tragedy Looper: New Tragedies is both a new edition and a standalone sequel that brings that new content into English for the first time, collecting 13 scripts and 30 characters! Featuring updated graphic design and the original art design, it’s perfect for people playing Tragedy Looper for the first time and for fans of the original looking for new stories to tell.

It’s also easier than ever to jump in, with a Game Teaching Guide for the Mastermind and a “First Steps” tragedy set for the first two scripts to help players get more comfortable with the gameplay loop! Experienced masterminds can also create their own scripts, providing a limitless amount of replayability!

Fabula Ulitma: TTJ RPG

FABULA ULTIMA is a Tabletop Roleplaying Game inspired by Japanese-style console RPGs, or JRPGs. In Fabula Ultima, you and your friends will tell epic stories of would-be heroes and fearsome villains, set in fantasy worlds brimming with magic, wondrous locations, and uniquely bizarre monsters! Create your own setting together: with three different styles as reference, your group can freely shape the world as they wish, including powerful kingdoms, small villages, major historical events, and the people who inhabit these lands. A simple and intuitive ruleset that evokes both gameplay and atmospheres from the most beloved JRPGs, all while encouraging players to proactively set goals and influence the story: no choice is without consequence!

A Bestiary filled with monsters, demons, beasts, and more: from simple encounters to deadly bosses, our heroes will face many challenges! Fifteen Classes to mix and match in order to create your favorite heroes: inspired by videogames, this modular growth system lets you design deep and unique characters. Choose your group type and embark on great adventures! Everything the Game Master needs to set the scene and accompany the group through marvelous, larger-than-life adventures! Advice, guidelines, and all the tools required to bring the heroes’ dark mirrors on stage… the Villains!

360 full-color pages softback, beautifully illustrated by professional artists from all over the world.

Starfinder RPG: Ports of Call

In the wake of the upheaval to interstellar travel caused by the galaxy-wide Drift Crisis, countless new worlds await exploration by eager and opportunistic starfarers. Ports of Call, the latest hardcover resource for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, presents 10 highly detailed spaceports and settlements across all of space, from Drifter’s End on Absalom Station to the rebuilt megacity of Izadamar in the Scoured Stars to the to the wonders of the theme-park planet of Golarion World! Other featured locales include a collection of warships called the Bastion that protects against the insectile hordes of the alien Swarm or the starship port of Skydock on Verces. Each location provides area maps, regional overviews and customs, local character options like equipment and spells, copious adventure hooks, and more, offering a huge selection of interesting sites for stopovers or long-term stays.

Along with all this, Ports of Call also features:

  • An overview and poster-sized map of the Starfinder galaxy.
  • New rules for easier and faster hyperspace travel along Drift Lanes, a new phenomenon coming out of the Drift Crisis
  • Four new player character species, including giants, sentient oozelike selamids, the gaseous thyrs, and the reptilian xulgaths of Lost Golarion.
  • Expanded downtime rules, new starship options, a cargo subsystem, new NPCs, a score of new side job adventures, and much more!