Escape Room

Welcome to The Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe & Escape Room!  Established in 2012 and located in the heart of historic, downtown Plainfield, The Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe & Escape Room is Chicagoland’s premier destination for gaming.

Rise of The Game Master, is a family friendly, 60 minute adventure for 3-6 players.  Can you have more or less players?  Yes!  You can have 2 players if you’re up for the extra challenge!  For groups of 7 to 8 players, the experience may be slightly less challenging but everyone will still have fun!


“The door to the room was closed as always. No one even noticed the sudden flash during the closing time bustle. Not at first anyway. The mist escaping underneath the door eventually gave it away. The bustle turned to panic and then to curiosity. A few brave souls, backing each other up, opened the shivering door and slowly revealed a room that would have normally fit right in at The Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe. Both classic and contemporary board games filled the space. Nothing peculiar at all, nothing, except for a misplaced rule book lying innocently on the table before them. A rule book like no other. As one of the seekers began to read the strange instructions, the door closed behind them.


Before you lies games and puzzles and within, a puzzle of a game. 

Those who enter shall will forever share in the blame 

As now, history will always remember your names

Will you exit victoriously or falter in flames

As with every classic villain, I will boldly reveal and proclaim

My evil plot is foreshadowed within this puzzle of a game


The group was never heard from again.


The rules of this game seem familiar, but this is no ordinary game. This is of The Game Master’s own design. He has lured you in just as he did those before you. He has lured you in and the rules are about to be changed. You must do what those before you could not. This sounds like the beginning of something sinister and you have exactly one hour to figure out what it’s all about.”