The Outsider Inn

The Outsider Inn is perfect for Dungeons & Dragons, birthday parties and more! Book The Outsider Inn here.

The road ever long, swords no longer drawn
Trouble left behind, we gather with our kind

Laughter is a friend inside this hall, there’s always a seat, come one, come all
Outsiders know, you are never alone, inside these walls, a place you can call home

From cold lantern bright, to a warm candle’s light
Dice will tumble, tales begin, the door is always open, at The Outsider In

– Kevlaueli the Strange – Winter’s Call 673

Before we ever even opened our doors back in 2012, we were hoping to offer something different, another way for friends and family to gather at The Wandering Dragon, in a more, unique way. We couldn’t follow through in the beginning due to our dreams being bigger than, well, our reality. So we pressed pause on some of those original ideas. Fast forward to 2020, we were ready to move forward with one of our original visions for The Wandering Dragon and then…

Fast forward to today, we are excited to finally announce, The Outsider Inn at The Wandering Dragon!  The Outsider Inn is a fantasy themed tavern room for folks to rent for their D&D games, special gatherings and events. We hope this is a great way for players to immerse themselves in a world we all dream of and love to play in. 

As always, thanks to all of you for keeping us here. Because of you, we can dream our dreams and continue to make The Wandering Dragon the place we always hoped it could be. 

Are you Inn?