Team Building

Looking for fun team building activities? Look no further!

The Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe’s unique options are fun and engaging activities that focus on teamwork and creativity to help teams thrive.

Dungeons & Dragons and our Rise of the Game Master Escape Room are great examples on how participants must work together in order to accomplish an ultimate objective.

Options include cooperative table top games such as Dungeons and Dragons, led by our professional Dungeon Masters to a live action Escape Room, to any of our 150+ games in our game library.

Email us at and we will help you customize your Team Building experience.

Why Play Games?

  • Playing games is essential to creativity, innovation, mental health, and ultimately HAPPINESS
  • Playing games adds joy to life, relieve stress and supercharges LEARNING
  • Playing games together allows teams to LET LOOSE and drop their ‘work front’
  • Playing games connects people organically & authentically to create GREAT TEAMS
  • Incorporating game play into business makes teams more PRODUCTIVE