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D&D: Assault of the Giants, Sherlock Holmes, Firefly, Arkham Horror LCG, T.I.M.E. Stories, Marvel Lengendary, Small World and More!

D&D: Assault of the Giants Based on the story first presented in the Storm King’s Thunder adventure from Dungeons & Dragons, Assault of the Giants is a new board game designed by Andrew Parks for 3-6 players. Players will need to command armies of giants as they wage war throughout northwest Faerûn. Order your giants to assault small folk villages

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Firefly: The Game-Esmeralda and Jetwash Expansions and Firefly: Tall Card Game

Two new Ship Expansions for Firefly: The Game and Firefly: Tall Card Game just blasted into The Wandering Dragon! The Firefly: The Game – Esmeralda Coachworks game booster adds a new Series IV Firefly to Firefly: The Game. Based on the Series IV Firefly Chassis, the Esmeralda is the perfect ship for discreetly carrying people who don’t want to be found to

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