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D&D: Assault of the Giants, Sherlock Holmes, Firefly, Arkham Horror LCG, T.I.M.E. Stories, Marvel Lengendary, Small World and More!

D&D: Assault of the Giants Based on the story first presented in the Storm King’s Thunder adventure from Dungeons & Dragons, Assault of the Giants is a new board game designed by Andrew Parks for 3-6 players. Players will need to command armies of giants as they wage war throughout northwest Faerûn. Order your giants to assault small folk villages

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Firefly: The Game-Esmeralda and Jetwash Expansions and Firefly: Tall Card Game

Two new Ship Expansions for Firefly: The Game and Firefly: Tall Card Game just blasted into The Wandering Dragon! The Firefly: The Game – Esmeralda Coachworks game booster adds a new Series IV Firefly to Firefly: The Game. Based on the Series IV Firefly Chassis, the Esmeralda is the perfect ship for discreetly carrying people who don’t want to be found to

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Firefly: The Game – Resin Ships

Firefly: The Game – Resin Ships includes six unpainted miniatures for use with Firefly: The Game. Some assembly may be required. The Firefly-class ship is a multipurpose, mid-bulk transport boat designed by Allied Spacecraft Corporation. From when the first series one hit the market in Feb 2435 to the latest series four model in July 2513, they represent one of

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