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Drew at The Dragon: Hobby Painting Class Tonight at 7:00pm!

Drew at The Dragon: Hobby Painting Class  Bring your minis we worked on base-coating last time! This class we’ll explore basic shading and highlighting including the use of washes and drybrushing. Be sure to bring an old brush or one that’s good for drybrushing this class so you don’t ruin a nice, pointy one. Theory instruction starts at 7:00!

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Drew at The Dragon: Hobby Painting Class

Have you wanted to elevate your hobby painting to the next level? Jump into The Wandering Dragon’s continuing series of painting and hobby classes, taught by Multi-Award Winning Painter, Drew Drescher!  Drew has painted competitively for over a decade and has won  numerous Golden Demon Awards, Crystal Brush Awards, and the Privateer Press Grand Master Trophy in addition to various local and regional

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