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New Editions For Warmachine and Hordes now at The Wandering Dragon!

FORGED IN THE FIRES OF CONFLICT NEW EDITIONS FOR WARMACHINE AND HORDES! The Iron Kingdoms is a fantastic realm where the combined power of magic and technology thunders across a landscape shaped by war. Dominating the field of battle are rare individuals who have mastered both arcane and martial combat and who boldly lead mighty armies in the ongoing struggle

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High Command Rapid Engagement

AN EPIC CLASH BETWEEN STEAM-POWERED TECHNOLOGY AND NATURE’S FURY! High Command: Rapid Engagement is now at The Wandering Dragon! In the Iron Kingdoms, where magic and technology have combined to shape the course of history, the imperialistic nation of Khador wages war against the enigmatic Circle Orboros in a clash of steel and gunpowder versus fang and claw. Only one

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