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Machi Koro: Millionaire’s Row

There goes the neighborhood! After growing weary and ditching the mayoral dice hat, the glow of cheese factories and wheat fields has lured you back. But beware, the Machians, rich from tech startups, have very expensive tastes: vineyards and wineries, the French restaurants and Members Only Clubs. ┬áPlus moving and renovation companies for the many mansions built overnight. So, don’t

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Machi Koro Harbor Expansion

Machi Koro: Harbor Expansion, a.k.a. Machi Koro Plus, expands the Machi Koro base game by adding thirteen new types of cards: ten new establishments, one new starting establishment, and two new landmarks. The expansion adds more complexity to the game, including seaports and airports that can be upgraded with additional boats (in the case of seaports) or facilities. Players also

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