Dungeon Command Demo

Assemble your war band, choose your battlefield, and crush your enemy!!!

In Dungeon Command, you’re the commander of a war band of creatures—you deploy your creatures onto the battlefield and give them orders to combat your opponent’s creatures. You win the game when you break your opponent’s morale, finally driving his or her creatures from the field.

Come on out & play the new Dungeons & Dragons miniature skirmish game!

The Wandering Dragon will be demoing Dungeon Command:  Heart of Cormyr & Dungeon Command: Sting of Lolth on Saturday, 7/21.

Please note:  We will not have the alternate-paint miniatures available.  Thank you.


  • It was an interesting game, to be sure. The Drow got spanked all over the place, even with the copper dragon falling early. That dragon knight being backed up by both the dwarven defender and the dwarven cleric was really pretty unstoppable! It was fun for me to watch, considering I have yet to play 4th edition D&D rules.

  • The nice thing about this game is that it is nothing like 4th Edition D&D it is nothing like any of the D&D system because of the no dice mechanic and the cards are your orders. All the Demo’s I have run have had the Drow the winners over Cormyr. We will see how things play out as the game gets more play.