New Releases arriving on 9/19!

Tomorrow is a big day for new releases!  Just take a look at what The Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe has for you:

It is a land like no other, a place where steam power and gunpowder meet sword and sorcery.

The Iron Kingdoms possess a rich history—and a tumultuous future—full of unique monsters, deities, heroes, and villains. Immerse yourself in the detailed world of gritty conflict and sorcery with the Iron Kingdoms RPG. Unleash the power of mechanika, the fusion of magic and machine. Take on the persona of unique character classes, like the gun mage who combines powerful magic with a deadly acumen for firearms or the steamjack-commanding warcaster. Travel through a fantastic world that takes classic fantasy concepts and gives them a new twist with a high-octane rush of steam power and industrial engineering.

Prepare yourself for an experience like no other.

The world of the Iron Kingdoms awaits!  Available on 9/19 at 11:00 a.m.


“There is no Subterra Bravo.”   

Officially, the top-secret military facility doesn’t exist. There is no record of it: no blueprints, no photographs, no credible accounts. Rumors persist, but no one has ever found it. And those who have looked have disappeared.

Welcome to LEVEL 7, a sinister science fiction setting where nefarious conspiracies conceal the government’s collaboration with an unspeakable alien menace.

You are a captive of Subterra Bravo, imprisoned in the facility’s deepest laboratory, the hall of nightmares known as LEVEL 7. Your singular goal is to escape, but to do that you will have to evade the human and inhuman denizens of this subterranean labyrinth before the entire base is locked down, sealing you in for the rest of your short, tormented life. Will you work together with your fellow prisoners to endure Subterra Bravo’s endless perils, or will you use them to secure your own escape?

Ultimately, your chances of survival will depend on how well you manage your greatest weapon, which is also your greatest threat:  fear itself.

LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE] is a semi-cooperative, story-driven survival-horror board game for 1–4 players with nerves of steel and a willingness to confront the impossible.  Available on 9/19 at 11:00 a.m.

The third Malifaux expansion, Storm of Shadows, sees a host of new characters introduced – including a whole new faction, the Ten Thunders – a sinister clan who have risen from the shadows, seeking to further their influence and re-establish themselves as the dominant power in Malifaux. Along with this mysterious new faction comes a number of new faction masters and minions, new rules for dual-faction models as well as mounted models, and a wealth of background story regarding the Ten Thunders Faction.

This softback book is printed in full-color, and is an expansion for the Malifaux Rulebook. 

Available the afternoon of 9/19!