L5R Katana Tournament on 7/20

L5R Katana Tournament

Celebrate The Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe’s 1 year Anniversary! Special prizes available!

The Five Swords of the Wandering Dragon!

~ Overall Tournament winner will get a Katana! (Victory)
~ Player who destroyed the most enemy provinces will get a Katana! (Military)
~ Player with the highest total honor gets a Katana! (Honor)
~ Player with the highest total rings in play gets a Katana! (Enlightenment)
~ Player with the lowest total opponent’s honor gets a Katana! (Dishonor)

Additional prizes will be added based on RSVP’s for the tournament.

Tournament Entry: $20.00 per person

Promo Cards and Packs as prizes for top X places (based on number of participants), every player will get at least 2 pack as a prize!  Top player wins a Katana!   Katana prizes for excelling at victory conditions!

(More information on qualifying for the Katana prizes available at the tournament, must be 18+ or have a parent/guardian present to receive a Katana.)

RSPV here:  http://www.meetup.com/The-Wandering-Dragon-Game-Shoppe/events/119970332/