Meet local game designer, Paul Imboden, of Split Second Games!

07.17 Quicksilver


Paul will be at The Wandering Dragon on Tuesday, 7/23 to demo his steampunk themed game, Quicksilver!

“Congratulations! Queen Victoria approves of your application as the official representative of your nation of origin in the Quicksilver International Racing Federation!

“You will be required to obtain a Quicksilver airship, now retired from Her Majesty’s Royal Air Force; you will find the ship well-suited for racing, and you are encouraged to modify the ship to suit your racing temperaments from aggressive to patient. We also recommend you familiarize yourself with the various race courses of the circuit – your success as a pilot depends on an understanding of each course’s unique layout, obstacles, and straight-aways. There are many opportunities on each course for courageous and clever pilots to push their luck and skill to victory.

“Queen Victoria awaits your arrival. Your countrymen are watching, and with them you carry the hopes and dreams of a nation. Arrive at the Queen’s Carrier with your ship and your crew no later than 10 o’clock, Greenwich Mean Time. Welcome, and good luck!”

Quicksilver is an airship racing game for 2-6 intrepid pilots. Customize the course, then be the first pilot to clear the three checkpoints and cross the finish line to win. Balance your need for greater speed with your need for protection from obstacles, both natural and man-made. Use additional tactics to further control your destiny over the fate of the dice, to attack troublesome opponents, or to help maneuver through difficult terrain. Fortune (and fighting) favors the bold, so race on, brave pilots!

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