X-Wing: Assault on Imdaar Alpha Preview Event

Assault on Imdaar Alpha, X-Wing’s Wave IV preview event, is coming to The Wandering Dragon on Saturday, May 31st at 5pm!  Seating is limited so visit our Meetup today to RSVP: Assault on Imdaar Alpha Preview Event

Your Chance to Win Preview Starfighters!

The highlight of each Assault on Imdaar Alpha event is a special X-Wing tournament in which you can compete for the chance to walk away with one of the four Wave IV preview starship expansions.

(From left to right: E-wing, Z-95 Headhunter, TIE defender, TIE phantom)

You’ll bring your 100-point squadron and adhere to all of the game’s standard tournament rules as you compete through the preliminary Swiss rounds. However, in the final round, everything changes. After the close of the preliminary rounds, the tournament’s two top players set aside their personal squads and command new squads that they build with the featured Wave IV starfighters!

One player will construct an Imperial squad that fields both the TIE defender and TIE phantom. The other will construct a Rebel squad that utilizes the Z-95 Headhunter as well as the E-wing. Both players will complete their 100-point squadrons by adding starships and upgrades from their existing X-Wing collections. Then, they’ll face off in a heated duel for the fate of the galaxy!

Each of the tournament’s top four participants get to claim one of the Wave IV expansions included in the tournament kit. Furthermore, the event’s Top 16 participants all earn an exclusive, promotional copy of the Bandit Squadron Pilot that features extended art.

1st Place – First choice of one Assault on Imdaar Alpha preview starship expansion

2nd Place – Second choice of one Assault on Imdaar Alpha preview starship expansion

3rd Place – Third choice of one Assault on Imdaar Alpha preview starship expansion

4th Place – Fourth choice of one Assault on Imdaar Alpha preview starship expansion

Top 16 – One commemorative Bandit Squadron Pilot with extended art


Harness New Technology

Assault on Imdaar Alpha isn’t just the first chance that X-Wing fans will have to win Wave IV starfighters; it’s the first chance that players will have to fly these starfighters against each other!

As part of the fourth wave of X-Wing expansions, these ships are each bound to make a profound mark upon the way the game is played, and the tournaments that comprise Assault on Imdaar Alpha will give players their first opportunities to field ships and upgrades from the new expansions in battle.

Accordingly, you’ll want to make certain you analyze all the latest intel reports. Should you earn a seat in the final confrontation, you’ll want to understand how best to build the new Wave IV ships into your squad, and you’ll want to understand how best to fly them.

To that end, you can find more information about each of these starships in FFG’s series of previews:

Z-95 Headhunter Expansion Pack, “Missiles Away!” TIE Defender Expansion Pack, “Designed for Success” E-Wing Expansion Pack, “Performing the Impossible” (coming soon)TIE Phantom Expansion Pack, “Cloaked in Battle” (coming soon).