Privateer Press Play Night

Privateer Press Play Night on Thursday Night, May 8th at The Wandering Dragon!

Play Privateer Press Games and earn Promo Cards for the games you play!

But wait there’s more! Sign up when you arrive that night for your chance to win even more great Promo Prizes from Privateer Press after the Event!

You can’t win if you don’t play, so get to your favorite local Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe on Thursday, May 8th at 7:00pm!  RSVP Here: Privateer Press Play Night

Privateer Press Play Day 1

What is Privateer Play Day? In one sentence: It’s a day when you and your friends meet up to play your favorite Privateer Press board and card games at a participating retailer, get free swag just for doing so, and potentially win an awesome grand prize.

Come into Wandering Dragon, sign up, and bring in your personal copy or purchase a new Privateer Press board or card game you want to enjoy from among critically acclaimed titles like the terrifying and tense LEVEL 7 games, the quick and zany Bodgers Games, or the strategic deck-building game of High Command.

Privateer Press will provide a bounty of swag to The Wandering Dragon to give out based on the games you play. There will be special promo cards for LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE]LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL]High CommandInfernal ContraptionHeapBodgermania, and the newly released Zombies Keep Out. Whichever game you play, you’ll earn a promo for that game. It’s that simple: show up, play games, earn promos, have fun.

When you arrive, sign in with your retailer, and after the Play Day, retailers will send Privateer Press their signup sheets with names of all participants. Ten player names will be randomly selected from the signup sheets to win a great prize from Privateer Press: three unique art prints taken from Bodgers, High Command, and LEVEL 7. And one randomly selected player will win the grand prize: an art gallery of three exceptional canvas prints using the previously mentioned art.