Coming to the Auction?

clockSaturday’s Auction has already blown away all previous Wandering Dragon auctions as far as quality of submissions and quantity!!!  We usually receive just under 300 lots per auction and it takes about 3-4 hours straight (no breaks) to auction off the last item.  This auction has completely taken us by surprise because we have over 600 lots and counting!

What does that mean for Saturday?  It means there is a ton of great stuff and it’s going to move at a FAST pace for about 5-7 hours (with a possible break).

Auction Standing Room


Because this will be a marathon, we need to take extra steps to ensure the best possible experience for both our sellers and our buyers.  With this in mind, we are reserving the auction seating area for the active, registered bidders only and we will have a special seating area near the action for observers. Because seating is limited, children will need to sit on laps in the observer’s area.


No Stuff

Just a reminder, outside food and drink (including water & coffee) is not permitted.  Out of fairness to all, we consistently enforce this with everyone, no exceptions.  Speaking of food, to prevent hangry headaches, please consider eating lunch before you arrive and we also have a full pantry with snacks and beverages.


Bags… For the comfort of those around you, please leave your back-packs, duffel bags, messenger bags, shopping bags, etc. in your car during the auction.  We are going to do our best to pre-bag all of your items as they are run up to the front for a smooth and quicker check out.


And speaking of running the games up to the front…  Please keep an aisle clear for the runners to get by, especially when their hands are full of gaming goodness!


Saturday is going to be amazing!!! See you at the auction!!!