Godzilla Week: MonPoc All You Can Eat Event

Godzilla Week: Monsterpocalypse All You Can Eat Event

Everyone that participates will receive a Prize!

Please visit Meetup to reserve your spot: Godzilla Week: MonPoc All You Can Eat

Begin Transmission:

You have 3 Hours to Devour as many Achievements as you can!

The more Achievements you Devour, the more Prizes you Earn!

Everyone that plays will receive a Prize!

Start Eating!

End Transmission

Open Constructed:

Players bring a force built using the standard force building rules.  Figures from any set may be used.

Standard Format:

One monster pair (Alpha & Hyper Forms), 2-12 Buildings (no more than 5 Buildings with the same name) & 4-5 Units (no more than 5 Elite Units overall, no more than 5 Grunt Units with the same name).

Players roll off for first turn.

Player that loses the roll, chooses the map.


1.) Destroyed a Full-Health Monster Form in a Single Attack = 5 Points

2.) Had 15 Units in play at the same time = 2 Points

3.) Had all 10 Power Dice in your Power Pool = 2 Points

4.) Earned at least 8 Power Dice in a single Power Up = 1 Point

5.) Won a game without ever using a Hyper Form = 3 Points

6.) Destroyed at least 4 Buildings in 1 Attack = 2 Points

7.) Destroyed at least 4 Units in 1 Attack = 3 Points

8.) Dealt 2 Damage to a Monster in a Single Unit Activation = 1 Point

9.) Deal the Killing Blow to a Monster Form with a Unit(s) = 3 Points

10.) Use all 10 Power Dice in a Single Attack…and Hit! = 2 Points

Bonus Achievement: Played a Terrasaur Force for the entire Event = 5 Points


25 Points = Choose a LE Promo Mega Monster!

20 Points = Any Monsterpocalypse Booster Pack!

15 Points = Any Map Pack!

10 Points = Choice of Building!