DC HeroClix: War of Light

Sign-up for Saturday’s (6/14) War of Light Month One Event on the WizKids Event System (WES).


The prophecy is at hand, the various corps’ have assembled, and the WAR is on. As HeroClix brings DC Comics’ celebrated storyline “War of Light” story arc to six months of new and existing Organized Play events, will players use the powers of Will, Hope, Compassion or Love to claim victory? Or will they instead tap into the powers of Fear, Avarice, Rage, or Death to destroy their enemies? Battle it out and collect exclusive Green Lantern figures and their constructs and take the fight to Nekron and the Black Lantern Central Power Battery. 300 Point Sealed Event utilizing:

1 x DC HeroClix: War of Light Booster Pack

1 x Choice of any other HeroClix Booster Pack or any 4 x $2.99 Gravity Feed Single Boosters.

Prizes for this month’s event will be:

1st, 2nd and Fellowship Prize: Larfleeze Limited Edition Figure! 

Participation Prizes include: Green Lantern Limited Edition Figures, and the Green Lantern Central Battery and Crossbow Construct 3D Objects!

To qualify for the Month 6 Grand Prize, each player must have earned at least 12 event points from prior events at The Wandering Dragon!