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Golem Arcana at The Dragon!

Come on out on Thursday Night to play the new smash hit, Golem Arcana… then keep your Thursday Nights open for the upcoming Golem Arcana Organized Play Program! 

RSVP for our next Golem Arcana Demo Night on Thursday, 9/4.

The Great Khan is dead, plunging the world of Eretsu into total war. The Khan’s heirs fight amongst themselves for control of his shattered Dominion as the Durani Empire mobilizes to regain lost lands and honor. Their most fearsome weapon are Golems, arcane war machines created and mastered by powerful sorcerers.

As the world of Eretsu descends into chaos, now it’s your turn to take command of a Golem army and fight for honor, glory, or riches.

Golem Arcana is a digitally enhanced miniatures boardgame that leverages the power of a smartphone or tablet to deliver an unprecedented and engaging experience. Golem Arcana offers the richness and tactical depth of other miniatures board games without any of the hassles; the free Golem Arcana app handles all the rules and record keeping, freeing up the players to concentrate on devising strategies and having fun.

Come out to the Dragon and see for yourself the game that wowed everyone at this year’s GenCon!

One comment

  • My wife and I had a great time, playing this game. Its pretty easy to pick up largely in part due to the apps aid. I picked up everything this is out for the game and will be coming on Thursdays.