Wizkids! Con in Your Store: HeroClix

Saturday, August 30th: HeroClix Night: Con in Your Store Event #1!


This is the first in an ongoing series of events featuring exclusive, rare Promo Figures and Cards from Conventions and Special Events!

3 Round Tournament

1st and 2nd prize = HeroClix Con Exclusives/Holiday Figure!

Fellowship Prize dependent on player turnout.

Each round, a Con Exclusive Construct of the player’s color choice will be given to the first person that rolls a Critical Hit (6’s) and the first person to roll a Critical Miss (1s) each round will get a Random Color Construct.

Depending on time we will also hold a Guardians of the Galaxy: Battle Royal after each tournament with prizes!

Come on out to The Wandering Dragon every Saturday Night to play HeroClix!