BattleLore: Wrath of the Undead Event This August at The Wandering Dragon!

Yeah, this is happening at The Wandering Dragon in August! Bring it!

Some days I really, really love my job! 😉

The Wrath of the Undead Promotional Kit enables retailers to show off BattleLore’s brutal squad-based combat and gives players a chance to preview the Undead faction in the weeks leading up to its official release this fall.

In BattleLore, players pit custom fantasy armies against each other in tactical combat duels. They can lead either the noble Daqan army who fight to protect their homeland, or the demonic and bloodthirsty Uthuk Y’llan. The game offers asymmetrical victory conditions and an immense variety of battlefield scenarios.

The exclusive playmat and two of the armies included in the promotional kit.

The Wrath of the Undead Promotional Kit provides everything retailers need to create an engaging BattleLore experience in stores and develop local BattleLore communities. It features a scenario designed to help teach the game to new players, and the exclusive materials included make great rewards so that you can easily attract players to your event. The kit contains:

  • One exclusive BattleLore playmat featuring faction art and helpful reference material
  • A complete BattleLore: Second Edition Core Set including Daqan and Uthuk Y’llan armies
  • An advanced copy of the Heralds of Dreadfall Army Pack
  • 24 copies of an exclusive Command Card featuring the Reanimate Infantry

Stay tuned for more details for this awesome event coming to The Wandering Dragon in August!