Marvel Vs. System 2PCG

At long last the Vs. System is back! Are you ready???  Marvel Vs. System 2PCG is now at The Wandering Dragon!

Q: Vs. System 2PCG? What does 2PCG stand for?
A: 2PCG stands for 2 Player Card Game.

Q: Does this mean it’s only a 2-player game? We won’t be able to play in 2v2 games or other multiplayer formats?
A: You definitely will still be able to play alternate formats such as doubles teams, multiplayer free-for-alls and more. Those will be rules variants. However, most major events will still be for the traditional 1v1 format.

Q: What comes in the Vs. System 2PCG box?
A: There will be 400 cards in the box, made up of the cards needed to build decks for four different “teams.” Four copies of each card are included in the box,
except for “Main Characters,” for which you only need one copy (more on “Main Characters” a bit later on).

Q: What is the minimum deck size and how many of each card can I put into my deck?
A: Your deck must be exactly 60 cards with a limit of four copies of any one card, so you’ll have to decide which cards to include in your deck and how many of each, depending on what type of deck you’d like. The 60 card requirement does not include your Main Character, because it does not go into your deck.

Q: Will I need to purchase more than one box in order to make a competitive deck?
A: You should only need to purchase one box in order to build any deck you want, since each box comes with four copies of every card other than Main Characters, and you can’t include more than four in your deck.

Q: Will there be booster packs available for purchase in addition to or instead of the box?
A: No, there are no booster packs for Vs. System 2PCG. Everything you need to play is in the box.

Q: Can old Vs. System cards be used with Vs. System 2PCG?
A: Old Vs. System cards are not permitted to be used in any official tournaments.


Q: What will the card frames look like? The original Vs. System cards, the second version of the original Vs. System cards, or something else entirely?
A: At your first glance, it will appear to you that they mostly look like the second version cards. However, you’ll then notice that we integrated some elements of the original into the newer frame, resulting in a card frame that has a pretty sweet retro feel to it.

Q: Will this be a MARVEL only game, or will there be other licenses too?
A: While this first set is only based on the MARVEL universe, we look forward to incorporating Upper Deck’s other licenses in the future. Our goal is to truly put the “Vs.” in Vs. System 2PCG.

Q: Will there be any local tournament support?
A: Definitely! We want to focus on grass roots hobby store/local gaming store support. We will be creating kits that stores can use to help support their tournaments.

Q: Is the game going to play exactly the same as previous Vs. System or will there be mechanics and/or rules changes?
A: There have been a few changes made so the game is easier for newer players to pick up. However, we do recognize that part of the appeal of Vs. System has always been the intricacies and options for combat. We wanted to find a way to make the game more friendly to new players without detracting from the complexities that make the game fun.

Q: What specific rules and gameplay mechanics will be different in Vs. System 2PCG?
A: This is a question that requires more than a few short and simple sentences to answer. As a result, we will be posting a more comprehensive followup discussion to this FAQ, featuring the designer of Vs. System 2PCG, which should answer most of these questions. It should be posted the week following Memorial Day.

At long last the Vs. System is back! Are you ready???