Epic Card Game is now at The Wandering Dragon!

From the creators of Star Realms comes an even bigger, some might even say “Epic”, Card Game. 😉

A complete strategy card game in which two to four players can play sealed, draft or constructed out of one small box!

Epic is a fast paced card game of fantasy combat designed by Hall of Fame Magic players Rob Dougherty and Darwin Kastle. It packs all the amazing game play and beautiful art of a trading card game in one little box at an unbelievably low price.

Epic will provide great draft and sealed deck play right out of the box. If you are a trading card game veteran, you know what this means, and yes, it is every bit as awesome as you think it would be.

If you haven’t played trading card games before, you are in for a real treat. Sealed and draft are incredibly fun! Unfortunately, with trading card games, they are also incredibly expensive (like $10-$30 every time you play).

But with Epic, you get the fun without that scary price tag. A single $15 box of Epic allows up to four people to play draft or sealed again and again with great game play every single time.

Just that would be an unbelievable amount of game for the money, but there are more ways to play. By simply dividing up the cards by the four colors (yellow, red, green and blue) you will have four preconstructed decks, each balanced for play against the others.

With sealed, draft, and preconstucted decks, up to four players can play out of a single copy of the game. There is another way to play, called “constructed,” where each player needs their own copy of the game. In constructed, you build a deck at home using your entire Epic card collection to play against a friend who did the same thing.

While Epic gives you the full trading card game experience at a tiny fraction of the cost, Epic is NOT a trading card game.There are no random packs or hard to get cards. When you buy the game, you get everything you need to play. You know exactly what cards you’re getting. There will be expansions down the road, but they are optional. You can literally play and enjoyhundreds of games with just the base set.

The first war of the gods tore the world apart. Each god continually remaking reality was more than the universe could withstand… The great nothingness returned, leaving the gods to bicker in the void.

Eventually, a compromise was reached. The gods joined forces to create the universe anew, but this time there were rules that even they must obey. No longer could gods battle directly, tugging against one another on the fabric of reality. Now their wars are fought in the mortal world with mighty champions and devastating events.

In Epic, each player starts the game with a score of 30 health. Your goal is to eliminate your opponents by reducing their health to 0. Set up is fast. To play a basic game, just shuffle and deal each player a 30 card deck and you are ready to go!

You start the game with a hand of five cards, and draw a new card at the start of your turn. Your cards represent powerful champions that will fight for you or game changing events you can use to thwart your opponent.

Each turn every player in the game gets one “gold.” Some cards cost a gold to play, others are free. This means you can play any card in your hand from the very first turn. There is no slow building of resources in this game. Epic starts at full throttle!

A game of Epic might go something like this:

On your first turn, you play a Frost Giant and attack your opponent. Not wanting to take 8 damage, he plays a Surprise Attack and drops a T-Rex on the board, blocking and killing your giant. You Fireball the injured dinosaur finishing it off, then end your turn.  Your opponent draws a card at the start of his turn, then plays a Dark Knight and attacks you for 5, knocking you down to 25 Health. Then he plays a Blue Dragon, drawing a card and blasting you down to 23 health. You need some answers, so before your opponent ends his turn you play an Ancient Chant and draw 2 cards. Hmmm… What should you do next, wipe out the board with an Apocalypse or drop a massive Burrowing Wurm on the table? Welcome to turn two, Epic style!

The four colors of Epic cards each represent a different alignment. Yellow is good, red is evil, blue is sage and green is wild. Each alignment has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Like in Star Realms, you can play cards of any and all colors in your deck. If you can match colors, your cards will frequently get more powerful.

The righteous, the honorable, protectors, healers, angels, saints, brave knights and benevolent kings. These are the forces of good.

Your good cards will raise large armies of humans, protect your champions and increase your health. You will banish enemy champions to the bottom of your opponent’s deck and launch devastating airborne assaults lead by glorious angels.

Savage beasts, burning fire, terrible storms, instinct, aggression and rage. The wild don’t have an agenda. They aren’t good or evil, they’re hungry… and your opponent looks like food.

Playing wild gives you giant monsters that can smash and stomp though your opponent’s defenses. You’ll hurl fire and lightning at your foes. Great storms, volcanoes and earthquakes will smash all that stand in your way.

The cruel, the murderous, vampires, assassins, demons, devils and zombies. These nightmares taken form are champions of evil.

With evil cards, you’ll master death, killing champions in droves then bringing the dead back to serve a new master. Your vampires will shrug off mortal wounds and feed upon the forces of your enemies. Hordes of zombies and powerful demons will be yours to command, if you are willing to pay the price to summon them.

The wise, the clever, the logical, tricksters, scholars, illusionists, engineers, alchemists and wizards. For the sage, knowledge is power. Reason and logic will illuminate the path to victory.

Through sage cards you will master time, returning enemy champions to your opponent’s hand. You will construct mighty engines of war and call upon powerful magic to transform or blast your enemies. You will mislead enemy armies, leaving your opponents defenseless and assuring your victory.