Star Wars Catch Phrase

It’s the intergalactic version of the classic Catch Phrase game! Can you guess the words from the Star Wars Universe that your teammate is trying to get you to guess? The fast-pass play challenges both teams to give verbal clues and gestures without saying anything in the actual word. Compete at the Apprentice of Jedi Master level and see how many points your team can score before Chewbacca speaks to end the round! The team that scores 7 points first wins, so rack your brains and gather your knowledge of the Force to be the Jedi Master of Catch Phrase!

•Includes game unit and instructions.
•Electronic Star Wars version of the classic Catch Phrase game challenges you to use your knowledge of the Force
•Easier Apprentice level or more difficult Jedi Master level
•Game unit keeps track of your score and times each round
•Unit speaks like Chewbacca when the round is over
•Ages 12 and up.
•For 2 teams.