The Gods have chosen you and your companions to take part in pivotal battles that will decide the fate of Midgard and Asgard. Use your heroic power to turn the tide of the battle against Loki and his minions. Loki will be working to ensure that you and the Gods fail.

The Gods have decided to bless you with the ability to return to life if you die in battle, but only so many times will you be resurrected by the Gods before you become an Agent of Loki, targeting your former companions until you destroy them or the Gods resurrect you! Fate is revealed in the Runes and can help you prepare for the next battle, or it can punish you for your previous failures.

Rune Cast is a cooperative dice & card game where players attempt to score enough wounds to defeat various scenarios. Players have hands that will allow them to use armor and weapons throughout the duration of the game, and may contain powerful Fate cards.