Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Box Set, Tiny Epic Galaxies, Darkness Comes Rattling, Dracula Dossier RPG, Dixit Memories, Elfenroads and A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Playmats

Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Box Set


Finally back in print, this second edition of the Origins Award-winning Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Box Set contains everything players need to know about the world of the Guard, including rules for forming patrols and leading missions into the beleaguered territories. Also contains new art; additional Action, Weapon, and Condition cards; and a revised and updated rule book by Luke Crane and David Petersen.


Join the Mouse Guard and defend the Mouse Territories against predators and dangers, in this roleplaying game based on the David Petersen’s acclaimed Mouse Guard comic book series! This second edition of the Origins Award-winning Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Box Set contains everything players need to immerse themselves into the world of the Guard, including rules for forming patrols and leading missions into the beleaguered territories, as well as new art, additional Action, Weapon, and Condition cards, and a revised and updated rulebook.


Tiny Epic Galaxies


A thirty-minute game of galactic conquest, Tiny Epic Galaxies is driven by an exciting dice-rolling mechanism that rewards thoughtful programming of the results. Players control a home galaxy and a fleet of space ships. As players upgrade their galaxies, they gain access to more ships and more dice.


Each turn, a player rolls a set of dice; how many dice are rolled is determined by the level of that player’s galaxy. Each side of the six-sided die represents a different type of action: Movement, Colony Action, Harvest from Culture Planets, Harvest from Energy Planets, Improve an Economic Influence, and Improve a Diplomatic Influence.


After the roll, the player sorts the results of the roll (one selective re-roll is allowed) and organizes the dice in a desired activation order. Each die, in order, is then resolved and the results are immediate, which allows the player to pull-off unseen combos and surprise other players. Other players have the option to copy other player’s actions…at a cost!


As players expand their galaxy by colonizing other planets through economic and diplomatic influence, they gain victory points AND the special powers brought in by those planets! In addition to galaxy upgrades, effective resource management provides luck-mitigating options that can sway the game in a calculated player’s favor.

Whoever achieves the most points from acquiring planets and upgrading their personal galaxy wins!


Nights Black Agent: Dracula Dossier Limited Edition


So what is the Dracula Dossier?

In the world of the DossierDracula is not a novel. It’s the censored version of Dracula author Bram Stoker’s after-action report of the failed British Intelligence attempt to recruit a vampire in 1894. Kenneth Hite and Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan have restored the deleted sections, and inserted annotations and clues left by three generations of MI6 analysts. This book is Dracula Unredacted.

Follow those clues to the second book – the Director’s Handbook. This contains hundreds of encounters: shady NPCs, dangerous locations, conspiratorial nodes, and mysterious objects. Together they comprise the Dracula Dossier – an epic improvised sandbox campaign for Night’s Black Agents, our award-winning vampire spy thriller RPG.


Night’s Black Agents Core Rulebook

The award-winning Night’s Black Agents roleplaying game brings the GUMSHOE engine to the spy thriller genre, with a vampiric twist. Combining the propulsive paranoia of movies like The Bourne Identity and Mission: Impossible with supernatural horror, Night’s Black Agents is a thrilling game of investigation and high-octane action, with expanded options for bonecrunching combat, high-tech tradecraft, and adrenaline-fueled chases.

Director’s Handbook

A 368-page, full colour hardback book, packed with everything GMs need to run an improvisational Night’s Black Agents roleplaying campaign to hunt and kill Dracula:

*Conspiracy nodes, eerie locations and vampiric beasts

*More than 40 supporting characters in vampiric, heroic, or inbetween versions

*Different versions of the real Mina Harker, Abraham van Helsing, and the other stars of Stoker’s novel — and their modern-day successors, descendants, and survivors — who can drive the story in any direction the players look.

Dracula Unredacted 

Dracula Unredacted is the ultimate campaign handout! This new edition of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula adds new letters and recordings, diary entries long thought lost, and documents suppressed by Her Majesty’s Government—until now. Discover the true events behind the legend, from the first tentative contact between British intelligence and the undead, to the werewolf of Walpurgisnacht, to the cataclysmic disappearance of Dracula in volcanic fire, read the story you’ve known for years … for the first time.



Elfenroads combines the previously released Elfenland and Elfengold, along with the new Elfensea.

In Elfenland, young elves have to pass a very special test before they are accepted as grownups. All elf girls and elf boys receive a map of Elfenland, and they have to visit as many famous towns in Elfenland as possible, using the common types of transportation: dragons, unicorns, giant pigs, elfcycles, troll wagons, magic clouds, ferries and rafts. These types of transportation, however, are available in limited numbers and can be used only in specific regions. Thus, an exciting race starts among the elves to find out who will make the best use of the available transportation. The one who visits the most towns wins.

Elfengold, an expansion for Elfenland, adds gold coins to the game that players use to bid for the Travel Counters and other new items. It also adds Gold Value Tokens to the towns that indicate how much gold players earn for visiting a town. Two magic spells and a new obstacle — a Sea Monster — are included as well as two round cards to allow for longer games up to six rounds.

In Elfensea, as in Elfenland, young elves have to pass a special test before they are accepted as grownups. The same rules apply in Elfensea as in Elfenland, except as described in the rules. The game board map is different, and the common types of transportation — dragons, unicorns, giant pigs, magic clouds, whales and rafts — differ somewhat as well. As in Elfenland, these types of transportation are available in limited numbers and can be used only in specific regions. Thus, an exciting race starts among the elves to find out who will make the best use of the available transportation. The player with the most points wins.

Dixit: Memories

Dixit, the multi-award winning game returns in 2015 with a new expansion! With Dixit Memories (Dixit 6), experience a new and amazing journey taking you far beyond your imagination…

Carine Hinder and Jérôme Pélissier are both illustrators of children books and love to design colorful and funny worlds. This creative couple always worked together on each Dixit card, from the idea and the sketch to the coloring. They will bring you over to a fantasy land through 84 new cards full of exotic landscapes and surprising creatures!

Discover a fantastic universe where wonderful and ordinary things combine marvelously together.

Darkness Comes Rattling


When Mother Moon create the sun, she also inadvertently created something twisted: the celestial snake Darkness.

Darkness knew only bitterness and jealousy, hating those things which it did not have. In its jealousy, it rose up and swallowed the sun, plunging the world into a perpetual twilight. It is now up to the heroes of the Tribes of Man to gather the lost spirit weapons and hunt down the great snake in order to save the sun and their world.


Darkness Comes Rattling is a cooperative board game for 2-6 players that follows the story of the Tribes of Man in their quest to save the world from corruption and Darkness.

Each player will guide a mighty warrior and traverse a world of shadows, spirits, and other dangers as they combat the coming night.


Will you make the ultimate sacrifice? Will you become a mighty warrior, able to fight off corruption? Do you have what it takes to face the Darkness?


The jousting went all day and into the dusk, the hooves of the great warhorses pounding down the lists until the field was a ragged wasteland of torn earth. A dozen times Jeyne and Sansa cried out in unison as riders crashed together, lances exploding into splinters while the commons screamed for their favorites.
–George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

Fantasy Flight Games just released eight new playmats are now available for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game!

In A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, the Great Houses of Westeros meet and clash on the field of battle, in the intrigues of court, and in the struggle to claim control of the Iron Throne. Each turn, you’ll lay your plots and carry them through to fruition. You’ll marshal iconic characters like Robb Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, and Stannis Baratheon. The fortunes of your faction will rise and fall, and countless characters will fall beneath poison or the sword. Now, you can boldly declare your allegiance to your faction of choice while providing a crisp, stylish play surface that simultaneously protects your cards with eight new playmats for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game.

Fight for Your Faction

Eight factions are available for you to lead as you battle for the Iron Throne in A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, and you can raise your banners for your favorite faction with these new A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Playmats. 

You may look into the fires and see omens of the future with Melisandre or launch a lightning-fast raid with the reavers of House Greyjoy. You may inspire your greatest characters to victory with the easy confidence of Ser Jaime Lannister or The Red Viper. You may take command of the Wall with Jon Snow or clean your blade with Eddard Stark beneath the weirwoods of Winterfell. You may even plot with the Queen of Thorns or sit and take counsel with the Queen of Dragons herself, Daenerys Targaryen. 

In addition to the beautiful artwork and prominent faction symbols featured on each playmat, these playmats are highly functional. By playing your cards onto a playmat, you’re provided with a clean, organized surface for your game, as well as protecting your cards from any stains, dirt, or liquid on the table. 

Call the Banners

The game of thrones is ruthless, and those who fail to choose a side will swiftly fall in the crossfire. Declare for your chosen faction and present their heraldry proudly with one of our eight new A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Playmats!