Family Game Event with Drew Drescher: Super Dungeon Explore on 12/16!

Family Game Event with Drew Drescher:  Super Dungeon Explore on Wednesday, 12/16 at 6:00pm-9:00pm!

$6.00 Entry Fee can be used towards your purchase of any Super Dungeon Core Set plus Drew will paint one of your standard size heroes or villains for FREE!

RSVP now on our Meetup at:

Description:  Looking for a fun game that the whole family can play? Try Super Dungeon Explore, the Chibi Dungeon-Crawling Board Game from Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures!  Take control of a powerful hero and quest with your friends to collect loot and defeat the evil Dark Consul and his minions.

Veteran gamer and award-winning miniatures painter Drew Drescher will host family-friendly demo games and answer any questions you have about Super Dungeon Explore.  Afterwards, if you decide you want to continue the adventure at home, pick up a copy of Super Dungeon Explore or Forgotten King and Drew will paint one of your standard size heroes or villains for free!

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Don’t miss out on your chance to join in the fun! Kids of all ages are welcome to try out the game.  Drew’s son, Alex, began playing when he was only 3. RSVP your adventure party today!

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Super Dungeon Explore

Your adventure begins!  Super Dungeon Explore is a fast paced, table-top strategy game for 2 or more players.  Take the role of an intrepid band of heroes setting out for treasure and to rid the dungeon of its evil master.   Or, set your defenses and throw your witless hordes into battle against the heroes and decorate your dark home with their well gnawed, albeit cute, bones.

Super Dungeon Explore is filled to the top with stunning miniatures, colorful cards and game boards to get you started on your path to victory.  Your collection begins here, with more heroes and monsters on their way to fill your dungeons and battle to victory!

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Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King

Princess Emerald and her companions are questing deep into the Lordship Ruins to confront the evil that resides there. Brooding from his darkened hallways, the Forgotten King is a cursed lord who has pledged himself to the service of the Dark Consul, darkening his once lush and verdant lands. At his side are two new mini-bosses: Trent, a towering guardian of the forest with thick bark and brambles for armor, and Boris, a raging brute with snarling ursine features.

In Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King, players explore the Fae Wood, home of the Kodama, sentient forest spirits with a taste for adventuring Heroes. Wisps lure Heroes into ensnaring traps as terrifying, man-eating plants sprout from the loamy forest floor to devour them. Continue into the Lordship Ruins where the once proud bramble knights, now corrupted and twisted into servants of the Dark Consul, stalk the stony ruins for any who would defile their lord’s holdfast. Don’t get too close to the trees, though, as we hear the squirrels are in an ill mood.

Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King includes five new Heroes to brave the depths, including the Thundervale Huntress, Fae Alchemist, Tusk Tribe Shaman, and the brave Questing Knight. Each lend a new dynamic to gameplay and your strategy to conquer the Forgotten King and his minions.

Forgotten King contains two play modes: Classic Mode, in which someone controls the dungeon and its monsters while everyone else takes the roles of the plucky heroes, or Arcade Mode, which allows for a fully co-operative game for up to five players.

Forgotten King, while itself a standalone game, is compatible with all previously published Super Dungeon Explore expansions and supplements.