Star Wars: X-Wing 2016 Store Championship on 2/6

Star Wars: X-Wing 2016 Store Championship Event! (Read Carefully)

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Registration starts at 11:00am/Ships Fly at 12:00pm

32 Player Max (Meetup RSVPs receive priority)

Swiss Style Tournament


3 rounds if under 16 with a cut to top 4

4 rounds if 16 or more with a cut to top 8

3 rounds if under 16 with a cut to top 4

4 rounds if 16 or more with a cut to top 8

Dinner break of 45 minutes after the end of the last swiss round

75 minute matches with the final match not being timed.

2 copies of squads needed

StarWarsXWingBannerHDNo Outside Food or Drink

For your convenience our onsite Pantry is fully stocked with a wide variety of Food and Beverage Concessions, including Healthy Selections. 

The Wandering Dragon also has a Menu Book with delivery from our local Restaurant partners. 


Match Win=5 Points

Modified Match Win=3 Points

Draw= 1 Point

Match Loss= 0 Points

Bye=5 Points

Players should bring:

Two Legible Copies of Squad (100 Points Max.)

Ships with Number Markings (Official X-Wing Products)

Pilot and Upgrade Cards (Official X-Wing Product)

All Needed Tokens and Counters from the X-Wing Core Set and any relevant Expansion Packs

Attack and Defense Dice

Range Ruler and Maneuver Templates

6 Asteroid Tokens (No Duplicates)

Complete Damage Deck

Number of Rounds dependent on Player Turnout

Champion:  The winner receives a Store Championship plaque and a card granting one first-round bye at a Regional Championship of the player’s choice!

Top 4: The top four players each receive one Challenge Coin!

Top 8: The top eight players each receive one Acrylic Range Ruler!

Participation: The top thirty-two players each receive one alternate C-3PO Art Card

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