Star Wars: X-Wing-I am Your Father’s Day Trench Run Event

Star Wars:X-Wing I am Your Father’s Day Trench Run Event (Rules will be taught)

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$6.00 Entry Fee can be used towards the purchase of an X-Wing Core Set or Expansion Ship!

Who: New and experienced X-Wing players looking to play casual games

What: Casual Trench Run game of X-Wing

Where: The Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe

Why: To spend time with loved ones, meet new friends, learn more about the game, and have fun celebrating your favorite father figure

How: Stop by The Wandering Dragon with your X-Wing ships at 2:00pm-5:00pm on Saturday, June 18th!

X-Wing is a tactical miniatures game that puts you in the pilot seat of your favorite starfighters in Star Wars. Now, take your next step into a galaxy far, far away by attending the I am Your Father’s Day Event at The Wandering Dragon!

The I am Your Father’s Day Trench Run Event is being held on June 18th. This fun gathering will be centered around generations of Star Wars fans, meeting new friends, playing casual X-Wing, and having a good time in a new place. Interested players can just show up to play or bring a 125 Point Squad of Tie Fighters with Darth Vader or 150 Point Squad of X-Wings with Luke Skywalker ready for battle, or start your training by purchasing a Core Set at The Dragon! This event is a great way to check out X-Wing if you want to learn to play. You can bring a father figure, other family member, friends, or go alone and meet new people at The Wandering Dragon who are also fans of X-Wing.

Lock on to The Wandering Dragon, engage your ion engines, and fly in for fun games of X-Wing!

Trench Run Mission Report