Blood Bowl: Heroes Challenge 2016 on 8/20!

Blood Bowl: Heroes Challenge 2016

Where the Good become Great… and the Great make History!

Entry Fee: $12 for NAF/ $15 for Non-NAF

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No Outside Food or Drink

For your convenience our onsite Pantry is fully stocked with a wide variety of Food and Beverage Concessions, including Healthy Selections.

The Wandering Dragon also has a Menu Book with delivery from local Restaurant partners that will deliver direct to your table!

Rules / Team Building
Heroes Challenge uses the current CRP/LRB6 rules found here: may choose to use one of the 3 new official teams found here:

Using 1,100,000gps, you are to build a team consisting of players, fan factor, rerolls, assistant coaches, cheerleaders and/or an apothecary (if applicable for that race).
You MAY have LESS THAN 11 players on your roster before hiring Star Players!
Rising to the Challenge
Stat or skill upgrades CANNOT be purchased in this competition. Instead you may
award one each of the following upgrades to 4 separate 0-12 or 0-16 players. (i.e.
Linemen players only).
One player may be given a Red band to represent +1 ST
One player may be given a Blue band to represent +1 AG
One player may be given a Green band to represent +1 MA
One player may be given a Yellow band to represent +1 AV
Apothecaries heal on a 2+. Place healed players in Reserves.
Apothecaries MAY be used on Star Players.
Inducements: 1-4 Star Players
EVERY team must have at least one Star Player on their roster and up to 4 if you wish.
You MAY hire the same Star Player as your opponent.
You CANNOT have more than one of the same Star on your roster.
You can proxy Star Players models, but PLEASE make it clear for your opponent so he or she knows who is who.
Star Players are the ONLY type of inducement allowed.
The Best of the Best!
Sports fans travel from all over the Old Worlde to see their favorite star players compete together in one epic competition! Every Star Player has the Fan Favorite skill added to their profile.
Such a grand collection of All-Star athletes represents an enormous investment to Wolf Sports, The Association of Broadcasting Conjurers, The Necromancer’s Broadcasting Circle and Cabalvision itself. Security teams have been put in place to protect their investment.
Every time a foul is committed, either player can yell “Security!” (and yes, you have to yell it or else it won’t work). Use the following rules if either player calls for Security:
 Roll a d6 for the fouling player and every player that assisted in the foul (both for
and against).
 On a 4+, the player is treated as being Knocked Down by a player with the Mighty
Blow skill. Roll for armor accordingly.
 If the player committing the foul was spotted by the referee, the player is sent off
after the 4+ and any injury rolls.
*Any Casualties caused in this manner DO NOT count towards the Might Award!
Weather and Kickoff
Standard Weather and Kickoff Table from the LRB 6.0/C.R.P.
Illegal Procedure
In the spirit of good sportsmanship, Illegal Procedures will not be called.
What to Bring
Friends! Bloodbowl coaches! Siblings! Newbies! Let’s continue to expand this community!
3 copies of your roster: One for you, one for opponent, one for Tournament Organizer. Your painted team
You will be given 2 Heroes Challenge D6’s and 4 Skill Rings to keep that you must use for each game.
GW or NAF Block Dice only.
Blood Bowl Board, dugouts, templates, and ball.
11:00 – 11:30 Registration

11:30 – 1:45 Game 1

1:45 – 2:45 Lunch (No Outside Food or Drink. The Wandering Dragon has full pantry of drinks and snacks. We also have a Menu Book in each room of local restaurants that will deliver to your table if you would like.)
2:45 – 5:00 Game 2

5:15 – 7:30 Game 3

7:45 – Awards

First round random pairings, then Swiss pairings after that.

Roster/Injuries will reset each game.
Tournament Scoring
Win 60 pts
Tie 30 pts
Loss 10 pts
+5 pts for each TD a NON-STAR PLAYER scores for your team
+50 pts If your teams is fully painted
+15 pts if your team is partially painted
(Full/Partial Painting determined by the Tournament Organizer)
+100 pts for Good and Just Teams
*Only the following teams are eligible to receive this bonus
Good and Just Teams




High Elf




Wood Elf




Champion (Highest total points)

The Champion will be awarded the Heroes Sword as a Legacy Trophy that they

may keep for a year, and then bring back the following year.
2nd Place (2nd Highest total points)
3rd Place (3rd Highest total points)
Virtue Award (Most TDs scored)
Valor Award (Lowest TDs allowed)
Might Award (Most CAS’s scored)
Court Jester Award (Lowest total points)