Blood Bowl 2016 is coming November 25th! Pre-Orders Open Now!

BLOOD BOWL, one of Games Workshop’s all-time fan-favorites is back, arriving at The Wandering Dragon on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2016!

PRE-ORDERS are now open! To reserve your copy, ORDER HERE TODAY:

Blood Bowl is the game of hyper-brutal fantasy football, featuring rival teams of fantasy races battling it out on the skull-strewn sports field for victory over their foes while tens of thousands of bloodthirsty fans cheer them on!


A GAME IN A BOX! With push-fit, colored plastic miniatures, this will appeal to customers that like board games and ‘game in a box’ style products.

2-PLAYER GAME. This is a fast-paced, competitive game for two players.

EXPANDABLE. Chance to increase game content with extra teams and Death Zone.

Human Players include two blue plastic six figure frames, a human pitch, human dugout and human team dice. 

Orc Players include two green plastic six figure frames, an orc pitch, orc dugout and orc team dice.

Blood Bowl also includes Player Cards, Miscellaneous Mayhem Cards, Random Event Cards, Range Ruler, Scatter Template, Throw-In Template, Decals, Rulebook and Reference Sheets.