Fate of Akalon: Tribes Demo

Fate of Akalon: Tribes (Rules will be taught)

Come out to The Wandering Dragon on Friday, December 30th and join our good friend Jeff Hale as he demos his new combat card game, Fate of Akalon: Tribes!

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Fate of Akalon: Tribes is a 2-4 player combat card game set on the dying continent of Akalon. Players control a tribe of fantasy races in a struggle for survival. Each turn a player will play a card to the battlefield and compare combat values. The winner’s card goes to their discard pile, the loser’s card to that players cemetery. The winner is the first player to send 30 points worth of combat value to their opponent’s cemetery. Each race’s deck contains unique thematic powers to influence the combat values when played.

Fate of Akalon: Tribes is a quick, thematic card game that surprises with depth of play belying its simple mechanisms.

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