Star Wars Destiny: Spirit of Rebellion Preview Event at The Wandering Dragon!

Star Wars Destiny: Spirit of Rebellion Preview Event


RSVP on our Meetup now! This event is limited to 36 players and priority will be given to the first 36 reservations on our Meetup.

Entry Fee: $30.00 which includes 3 Star Wars Destiny: Spirit of Rebellion Booster Packs and 3 Star Wars Destiny: Awakenings Booster Packs!

All participating players must bring their own Star Wars Destiny Deck or purchase one from The Wandering Dragon and be prepared to play at least three games. This is not a tournament, but a casual gathering to check out the new set, plays some games and get some awesome full art promos!


Star Wars Destiny: Spirit of Rebellion

The Wandering Dragon is proud to announce the Spirit of Rebellion Preview Event, taking place on Saturday, April 1st. This event will give you the opportunity to preview Spirit of Rebellion, the new Star Wars Destiny: Spirit of Rebellion set, weeks before its official release and earn exclusive extended-art cards just for playing this awesome game!

Meet new friends, have fun at The Wandering Dragon, and get your hands on Spirit of Rebellion before anyone else!

Star Wars: Destiny is the new collectible dice and card game from Fantasy Flight Games that tasks players with outfitting their dream Star Wars teams to do battle at iconic locations across the universe. This event is a great way for fans to grab a few packs of Spirit of Rebellion early, as well as offering a truly unique and fun experience that promises a one-of-a-kind challenge and exclusive extended art cards!

So bring your Star Wars: Destiny decks down to the Spirit of Rebellion Preview Event to not only upgrade them with your brand-new cards, but to compete against other local players in your area. We will help pair players up in a casual format to try out the new cards and celebrate the launch of Spirit of Rebellion.