Dragon’s Guild DM/GM/TO Rewards Programme

The Wandering Dragon is excited to announce our newest program, Dragon’s Guild, a new way to reward our DMs/GMs/TOs for all that goes into putting together and running RPG campaigns and Organized Play Events!  Dragon’s Guild is just a small way of saying thank you for all you do in taking players on endless adventures and to exciting new worlds week after week.

As with everything we do at The Wandering Dragon, we continuously test different programs to make our shoppe the best it can be.  Some programs work, some don’t and some even evolve over time. We have attempted numerous times to reward those that help us build our community by devoting time each and every week to run organized games with different types of rewards, but they just didn’t seem to work the same for all the various events held at The Wandering Dragon.

With our newest  attempt, Dragon’s Guild, we hope that we have finally come up with a way to say thanks to all of you who help The Wandering Dragon be the place that players can’t wait to come back to week after week.

Beginning November 1st, all DMs/GMs/TOs running games at The Wandering Dragon will receive store credit for each regular event you organize and run.* The credit will be applied to your account for each event as follows:

3 Players = $10 per game

4 to 5 Players = $20 per game

6 or more Players = $25 per game

The credit can be used immediately or banked and is good on everything at the Wandering Dragon ranging from snacks and drinks to games, rule books to accessories… and can also be combined with our Dragon Roll program!

Once again, thank you to all of those that take the time and effort in helping our community grow and for bringing our shared passion to the table, each and every week.

*Dragon’s Guild credit is accrued from regular paid events which run from 2 – 4 hours and not for events with prize payout, promos, etc.