Star Wars: X-Wing 2E Just Announced! Pre-Order Discounts Available Now!

Star Wars: X-Wing 2E

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The Wandering Dragon is excited to announce the next evolution of interstellar dogfights in X-Wing Second Edition, a game of daring space combat for two players! With three fully assembled and beautifully pre-painted ships, and all the cards, movement tools, tokens, and dice that you need to get flying with the second edition, the X-Wing Second Edition Core Set is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the new mechanics or experience X-Wing for the first time.

While the X-Wing Second Edition Core Set provides everything you need to get started with your first space battles in the new edition, it isn’t all that will be on offer. You can bring your full collection of first edition ships into the new edition with Conversion Kits for the Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, and Scum and Villainy. What’s more, a full hangar bay of expansions will launch alongside the Core Set, giving you plenty of options for creating your squadrons and customizing your X-Wing Second Edition experience.

15% Pre-Order discount through Saturday, June 2nd all Wave 1 items at our online store or in person at The Wandering Dragon!

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Star Wars: X-Wing 2E Core Set

Rebel Alliance 

Galactic Empire

Scum and Villainy